Maui is an Island in Hawaii well known of its two major volcanoes and stunning beauty together with luxurious resorts and tourist attraction sites. Maui is also known to host many beaches that visitors from all over the world come to bask under the sun and have that breathtaking cool breeze.

The most beautiful trip you make to Hawaii is the beaches! Have you ever seen the exotic pictures either the internet or on a calendar showing the beautiful beaches? Most probably some of them are beaches on Maui Island.

There are different kinds of beaches in Hawaii, and it all depends on what types of vacation you are planning to take. It can be a honeymoon, family holiday, or just a trip that you want to make to clear your head. Maui beaches guarantee you the best of what you need.

The following are the best beaches you can visit in Maui:

1. Baldwin Beach

This is one of the beaches that many people love to visit not just because of its beautiful nature, but there are lots of other reasons like ample parking, comfortable showers where you can relax are available, and also it has public restrooms.

Nevertheless, there are other things to enjoy while in Baldwin Beach. They include swimming, sunbathing, hunting for seashells, running and many others which you can do even with your kids when on vacation.

This beach has a side allocated for kids commonly known as ‘Baby Beach’ where small kids are well protected and well-taken care by the sheltered salt-water pool. On the other Eastside, you will get a suitable place for basking under the sun.

2. Honolua Bay

Another incredible place to relax and have fun is the Honolua Bay which is located in the Northern part of Lahaina town. This place is perfect for snorkeling and surfing making it the most beautiful beaches within Hawaii Island.

Experienced surfers showcase their skills during the winter seasons in the Honolua Bay Beach. During the summer when the weather is calm, you can snorkel and also engage in scuba diving which is an adventurous sport to do on this beach.

The fantastic thing about Honolua Bay Beach is that even if you can’t Surf, you are provided with a spot where you can watch surfers at a safe distance or watch as the sun sets.

3. Kapalua Bay

Talk of a vibrant and beautiful beach, Kapalua is the name that comes to the mind. Conde Nast publication once rated this beach as ‘The Best Beach in World’ and on the other hand in 1991Travel Channel declared it was “Best Beach in America’.

Kapalua is one of a kind beach where you meet a parrot fish, Wrasse, boxfish, butterfly fish and many other beautiful creatures which you cannot get on other ordinary beaches. If you are looking for a quiet place to go for your honeymoon or to take your family for a peaceful holiday, don’t worry anymore Kapalua Bay Beach has got you covered.

4. Hamoa Beach

It is crescent-shaped beach located about half a mile past Highway 31. It is beautiful to have that sun basking that will calm you down. You can also do different other activities like swimming, snorkeling and body surf that will make you enjoy the whole adventure.

If you want a picnic, you can get a family beach that has salt and pepper colored sand, plenty of shade and clear water. Here you can have fun with your family, or you can even conduct a small birthday celebration.

5. Olowalu Beach

It is a gorgeous beach located on the approximately 4 miles South of Lahaina on the West side of Maui. This beach covers hundreds of acres of beautiful reef that are best for snorkeling.

It is a shallow protected beach that is suitable if you want a holiday with your entire family together with the kids as well.

6. Koki Beach

Koki beach is the best place to visit when exploring the East Maui side. It offers plenty of parking spots where you can leave your car and hit the beach to have fun without worrying. Koki beach is another beautiful place to set foot on in the next vacation that you are planning.

During summer the beach is the best place for sunbathing because the shoreline opens up with lots of sand and in winter season the ocean at Koki are excellent for professional surfers and experienced swimmers. In other times of the year, you can find seashells but do not take them with you as it is considered as bad luck.

7. La Perouse Bay

This is another must visit in the South of Maui.  La Perouse Bay is known for hosting Maui’s most playful spinner dolphin pods. It is also a beach where you can swim, snorkel and explore the cultural and historical sites like the trail which is a protected Hawaiian archeological land.

La Perouse Bay also has protected cultural and spiritual sight like the religious shrines.

8. Honomanu Bay

It is the destination where tourists frequently visit to have a glimpse of its natural beauty. Surfing and fishing being the ordinary activities carried out here. There is also a pool that is created by the freshwater streams from the river making it a perfect place for kids to have fun.

9. Makena Beach State Park

This is one of the biggest beaches that you take your family to spend some time soaking in the sunshine. Here there are different spots where you can conduct a wedding, swim, skim board and other fun activities.

10. Ka’anapali Beach

It is regarded as one of the best beaches in Maui as its Ocean is something you would not want to miss out if you are a beach-goer. If you are looking for a place to play with the sand, then Ka’anapali is the best. It has soft sand and crystal clear water where you swim.

Different activities can also be done on this beach such as parasailing, surfboarding, boogie boards, among many others.

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