The scenic beauty, historical style architectures and the lively pubs of Ireland makes it a must visit city for the travel lovers. Ironically, this European nation may be too costly or expensive for planning the trip. This tends to delay the trip to the one of most beautiful place in the world. For travel lovers, cost shall never be the hindrance in following their passion.

Therefore, we have made this list to help you travel Ireland on a budget. Below are some tips to plan your visit to Ireland within your budget. The cost can defiantly not be reduced below a certain level. But one can surely reduce on some of the extras that are often spent on transportation, accommodation, food and beverage in the city, through certain tips. So, here are 10 tips that can help you plan your visit to the land of islands.


The major chunk of the travelling budget to Irelands gets into the flying. The flights to Emerald Land are generally very costly. But this cost can be worked on. There are agencies that offer the ticketing service. But they can at-times are costly. For affordable ticketing, it is best to book the tickets personally. While booking the tickets, go for Economy class tickets rather than the business class.

Also, before confirming the tickets do some research online. Go at different ticketing and airlines portals compare their price and then book the ticket. From the lot, choose the airlines which offer low cost tickets compared to some highly priced one. For instance, if travelling from America to Ireland, you can choose either Aeringus or WOW Air. These two airlines provide low cost tickets to Ireland.

At times, they offer deals on the tickets, watch out for them before booking the tickets. You can get some really good deal! If you are lucky enough and get one, your whole cost of the trip will drop down drastically.

Try to avoid availing on-air food and entertainment while traveling to the city. This will drastically reduce the price of the tickets. Also, look at the benefits for the young and old travellers. The airlines generally offer STA travel facility. This way you can get some very good deals on the air tickets.


Once you arrive in Ireland, you might need to spend majorly on accommodation. To reduce accommodation cost, look for accommodation in the city hostels or paying guests instead of luxurious hotels. If you have a friend or relative in the city, you can stay with them with zero accommodation cost. The other option with almost negligible cost is a tent.

However, this can be illegal on the state land and can get you in trouble. Avoiding this and lodging in the premise of hostel with a minimum rent can be the better option. But that will be rough stay. If you do not want stay that rough in the city, you can look for some other options such as a shared accommodation or Bed & Breakfast accommodation. The city offers lot of possibility, you just need to do some research and compare the price, before zeroing on something.


Apart from accommodation, while travelling, the other expense is done on food and beverage. To reduce your cost on this, look for self-catering option. For some ‘on-the-run’ food can also be the option. The food trucks on the road side can cater to the need well.

Also, some good restaurant offers Happy Hours and food deals. Apart, from it there are also some vouchers available in the travel guide and with the ticketing agency. Look out for the various opportunities available while in the city. Avoid consuming alcohol in the city. The city has a culture of ‘round’ in the pub that can cost heavy on your purse.


Beside the expenditure on food and beverage, the other expenditure is incurred on transportation within the city. Generally, the tourist opts for self- driving car by renting the car through the local agency. If you are also planning to rent the car, it is best to book it way in advance rather than waiting for the last minute. The last minute booking can cost you more.

You can also reduce your travelling budget to Ireland by roaming around the city in the public transport rather than the hiring or renting car. The city has well connected Train and Bus facility. In the remote areas there is also tram system developed for economical transportation. Rather than driving personally within the city via car. There is also option of car-pooling or group tour buses. These transportation options can surely reduce the cost of travelling drastically.

Choose the Right Season

Travelling the city during the peak season can increase your budget for the city by manifolds. For budget travelling, try to travel the city in non-peak time. As the demand during that period will be low, the prices of many tourist places in the city with fee or charge will be slashed.

The other way to reduce on your cost of travelling to the Ireland, choose the time of the year, when the city have moderate temperature. It is being observed that the fall and spring seasons see least tourist in the city. For affordable travelling, thus the best month can be March -May or September-October. The other months of the years see lots of visitors on the city and there can be hardly any scope to reduce on the cost.

Last but not the least, the travelling expense can also be reduce by certain other means, such as- use of International Student Identity Card, this can get almost 50% discount in public transport. Secondly, there are some shops which offer tax-free shopping for the tourists.

You can always search for such shops. Thirdly, you can try to miss-out on un-necessary created tourist gimmicks in the city. They only burden the pocket. Self-planning the itinerary well in advance rather than taking service from some travelling agency can also be cost saving for you. These are few minor things, if kept while scheduling the visit to Ireland, can surely give you a low-priced affordable trip.

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