Zurich is one of largest the city in Switzerland, a perfect blend of modern and old town places. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Zurich. It is an easy city to cover on foot and is one of the top most expensive cities in the world. Don’t worry!!! The hotel and food prices are not that expensive

Zurich attracts tourists with its fantabulous architecture, breathtaking art galleries, famous museums, the Lammet River and the beautiful Lake.

It has a lot more to explore from historical churches to picturesque scenery of Uetliberg Mountains. There are fine hotels and food joints and are easily available. After a sunny day out, you can enjoy the most exotic nightlife of Zurich. Here is the list of things to do in Zurich.

Things to Do in Zurich

There are a lot of things to do in Zurich. You can enjoy the free walking tour and do the most expensive shopping of the world’s top international brands. You can easily fall in love with the things that are waiting for you in Zurich. The things you will never want to miss on your visit to the beautiful city of Zurich are:

1. Walk through the Museums

Zurich has a lot of museums to explore the history and the stuff of your interests.

Art Museum: You must not miss the Art museum near the Schauspielhaus on Heimplatz. The famous Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti’s work that captivates your heart, no matter you are art lover or not.

Clock and Watch Museum: If you are fond of watches or love to find more about the art of watch making, this is a place for you. You should not miss the Bayer Clock and watch museum located under the watch shop in Bahnhofstrasee.

Football Museum: FIFA’s world football museum was opened at Zurich in 2016. It has Swiss layout with three floors and the multimedia centre stage. The football lovers will once again fall in love with football after visiting this museum. The exhibition covers the complete journey of football from early days to the world cup. The Centre stage has a collection of more than 500 videos to mesmerize the visitors.

There are various other museums for knowing the history and for the educational purposes. Zurich has a number of students from all over the globe. The number of Expats is very high in Zurich.

2. Feel the serenity of Old Town

Altstadt is historical centre of zurich city. The old town of Zurich is located on the bank of Limmat. It is a lasting delight to the eyes walking across the 17th century town-hall. The streets of the old town never let you as its ho-hum guest. You can dig into the culture and nightlife of Zurich in this old town. You can enjoy the riverside calmness along with the beautiful guild houses. At the end of the day you find your soul lost in the charm of the Limmat city.

The Lindenhof is a beautiful place with Roman Castles. If you like to walk alone in the street, you could walk across the offbeat place of Niederdorf. It is the least developed part of the city. It has a lot of picturesque sights and a range of delicious food.

There are a lot of shops to buy gifts and souvenirs. The best time to visit Zurich is June to August. As the temperature is around 210 C, It is best to experience the walking tour of the city on a sunny day. The Old Town offers you the stunning food with delightful coffee.

3. Visit the Churches

The Fraumunster Church and St. Peter’s Church are the most historical and beautiful churches to visit. The colorful walls and ceilings that were used to illustrate the Bible stories are now turned to a plain outlook.

The Framunster Church: This Church has windows with bright theme colors. You can use the guides to learn more about the church history. St. Peter’s Church: The Oldest church of this city is St. Peter’s Church with a huge clock face on each side of the tower.

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The Two towers Church: Grossmunster is the most famous church of Zurich with its two towers medieval architecture. This is a monastical church that got its glamour by the top Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.

Explore the world of Animals

The famous Zoo at Zurich has hundreds of animal, a lot of variety of spices. You can also enjoy the underwater viewing areas in this zoo. The main attractions of Zoo are Elephants. If you are with your family, then this is must thing to do. Your little ones will enjoy the trip to zoo.

The tickets are easily available online. It is open for you in every season. You can use the public transport buses or tram to get to the Zoo. There is also a pedestrian route for walking tour to zoo.

The Zoo has an amazing diversity of wildlife. The main attractions of this Zoo are elephants and monkeys. These are:

4. Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park

There are some Indian Elephants species and some other Asian species in this park. There are glass walls on one side for a wonderful experience of sightseeing.

Other Attractions of this Zoo are Mongolian Steppe, Aquarium and the Monkey Island. You can also see the pigs and other farm animals. Children up to age 6 need no tickets. The pricing varies from CHF 13 to CHF 26.

5. Trekking and Hiking

If you are an adventure lover, then try trekking and hiking activities in Zurich. Zurich has mountain range of Uetliberg for trek lovers in its southwest.

The natural beauty is strikingly expressive. It is a treat to the photographers like me. From the top, the view of Zurich as whole is awesome. Its rivers, lakes and the snow-capped mountains sublime you.

After a tremendous hiking experience, the cafes and hotels are easily available at the crest.

6. Enjoy the Cable-Car

There is a cable car between Felsenegg and Adliswil for sightseeing tour to Zurich city. The phenomenal views of Alps and rooftops are a must thing to do in Zurich. If you are an avid photographer, you will have a bonanza up there.

The tickets for cable cars are easily available. You can take a day pass for the ride. This is the best option among all. You can enjoy a round trip, or return in a train to the city.

The cable car experience will definitely enthrall your soul and you get a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Zurich.

7. Luxurious Shopping

Bahnnhofstrasse is the premium shopping street of Zurich. It is the one of the most expensive city centre of the world with international luxury brands. If you are a fashion freak, this is a place for you. The world’s leading fashion brands shops are available here.

And the most interesting thing about this place is there is no traffic at all. The street is used by the local tram. Apart from the most luxurious international fashion brands, this is a Mecca for Watches. You might have dreamt about the Swiss watches Omega, Piaget, Mont Blanc brands.

If you are looking for the prestigious royal gift for your soul mate or your parents, then here you get a lot of choices to select from.

You can also find the delicious pastries and scrumptious coffee. The best time to visit this place for shopping is during the Christmas Carnival.

8. The Limmat Cruise

The river Limmat is in the southern part of Zurich. You must have a boat tour when you are in Zurich. The cruises are easily available in the front of the Landesmuseum. The best time to visit here is April to October. The boats cover all the seven city’s bridges on the Limmat.

It will be your best leisure tour in the city and you will enjoy the sightseeing on the water. Take your swim suit in your bag. You can enjoy swimming in the glorious water whenever you feel like. Its fine to jump into the water when you feel like it.

There are motorized boats with glass ceilings available for you. You can enjoy the picturesque beauty and landscape of the beautiful city.

The prices for tickets vary from CHF 3 to CHF 5for a round trip without any break.

9. Walking Tour with your partner

Zurich is an easy city to walk on foot. The free walking tour is the one of the coolest things to do in Zurich. An independent non-profit group offers the 90 minute free walking tour to Zurich. You can leave the tip of any amount for the guide.

You can start your tour starts in the train station and find your own best route with the help of the free maps easily available at hotels.

You can schedule your tour in a large group or smaller ones.

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You can also enjoy the cycle-bike ride through the city. There are plenty of fantastic fountains and places of refreshment on your tour.

The nightlife is pretty safe and exotic. You can walk across the Limmat River with the night lights and the magical beauty of the architecture reflecting in the waters.

10. Enjoy the ride in Public Transport

Zurich has a thick network of public transport, the tram, local trains and buses. The public transportation at Zurich is very easily affordable and easy. You can have your own travel pass for this ride. You can walk across the street, broad the trams, use the escalators.

Zurich’s train station is just few minute walk away from the Central Plaza Hotel, Zurich. You can easily walk across the river and enjoy shopping.

The price varies with distance. The best thing to do is to buy a Zurich Card for a day or two as per you need.

The best thing about the dense public transport network is that you can check the timetable and the route online. You can easily buy tickets or card online.

11. Never miss the Swiss-Chocolate

You might have tasted the Swiss- Chocolates. Switzerland is famous for its years old chocolates world. Zurich has a plenty of chocolates shops throughout your walking tour. You can also enjoy the special treat of hot chocolate, truffles and pastries.

You must not miss visiting Sprungli store in order to find the secrets behinds the yummilicious taste of your chocolates.

You can also enjoy the chocolates drinks at the café after the dinner.

12. Celebrate the Nightlife

The relaxed city comes alive at night. The nightlife is the most vibrant thing to do in Zurich. You can enjoy the pubs, bars and music halls according to your taste. It has a lot of bars and clubs.

Some of the popular Night clubs are Kaufleuten, Alice Choo, Blok (the place for music lovers) and many more.

Zurich has an array of bars to offer. You can get the world’s costliest drinks in Zurich. The Swiss Cocktails are the best drinks to hang out with.

You can also get erotic massages and Strip bars in the city (The prostitution is legal in Switzerland and it is regulated by the city itself, so if in case you are looking for adult entertainment, be comfortable in Zurich).

13. Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens have thousands of plants and species of birds. The bright color flowers across the city gardens are grown in the botanical garden. The dome shaped architecture of these gardens attracts many tourists. You can find refreshment at university’s canteen. These Botanical gardens chiefly contain tropical species plants.

The best time to visit the Botanical gardens in Zurich is the spring season. The gardens are open from March to September.

The scent of flowers and the beautiful surroundings attract tourists to the botanical gardens of University of Zurich.

The garden is a hub for old trees and medicinal plants. You can see students from various countries and cultures there. They are getting the 16th century medicinal plants offerings.

14. Opera House

Zurich Opera house is one of the best opera houses. The Opera House at Sechselautenplatz is an unforgettable treat for music lovers. If you are lucky, you can be a part of international star performances.

You can check the latest events online, and book the tickets there. You will sublime by the exotic performances from brilliant pianists, French composer and vocalists. The performances are sheer aircrafts that take you to the heaven.

15. Be a part of Street Parade

On the second Saturday of August, the world’s biggest electronic parties hit the streets of Zurich. It is an old practice that has been going since 1992. This street parade is a heaven for rock music lovers. A million of young people turn up for this parade across the Zurich Lake.

With thousands of dancers, artists and enthusiastic locals, the whole city turns into a party hall. The streets turn in to clubs, with hundreds of DJs performing live. You can feel the love in the air of Zurich. The party continues in the club once the street parade is over.

This is the time when days turn to night for dance, and night turns to days for after parade dance in Zurich.

16. “Food Zurich” Festival

Have you ever visited an ultimate food festival of Switzerland? No, then this is a perfect catch for you. “Food Zurich” is the food festival of Zurich celebrated at the end of May. If you are foodie, this is the best time for you to visit Zurich.

You can enjoy the tradition Swiss-dishes and drinks. This festival is a union of all festival’s chefs, street cooks, and their assistants.

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The local Zurich cuisines along with the best cocktails are the soul satiating food. It is a very tasty festival for your food craving in Zurich.

17. Colorful Hanging Umbrella

Even if you don’t want to drink, but do visit the Gerold Chuchi Bar. It has a surprise for you. The bright colored Umbrellas are hanging up outside the Bar. Don’t you want to stand under the Umbrella Wall?

This is a perfect place to get your pictures clicked. This is the most famous and popular instagram pick of the Switzerland.

Imagine there is rain and you don’t have an umbrella, then this is the best place for you.

18. Go Skiing

If you love adventures, then the Flumseberg Ski-Resort is waiting for you in Zurich. Don’t miss skiing experience even if you are a beginner. This is the best winter sport destination for tourists in Zurich. The snow condition is glamorous here. The best time to visit this resort to enjoy the best skiing experience is from December to March.

You can easily find the surf shop around. This is the best place for you if you are an expert.

Off Beat Things to DO in Zurich

If you are an off beater and you want to explore the unusual, then the following are the things to do in Zurich for you.

The city and the Zurich Lake is incredible. But if you love to do something different and off-the-beat, then here is my go at it:

19. Visiting a cemetery

A cemetery! Yes, if you want to relax in a calm place away from all the city’s glamour and glitters. This is a beautiful place in Zurich and quite famous among the locals.

Fluntern Cemetery was constructed in the late 80s and the architecture is Axial Boroque. It has the famous James Joyce grave yard.

James was the renowned writer of 20th century. He gifted us with a great literature.

20. Waterfalls

The Europe’s biggest waterfall “Rheinfall” is not very far from Zurich. It is located on the border between Zurich and Schaffhausen.

You can take a train to reach the waterfall. It certainly gives you a heavenly experience. You must not miss the boat ride here.

You will love the adventures at the adventure park on the north bank. The best time to visit the Rhien waterfall and the adventure park is May-June. The main adventure of this park is Rock Climbing. You can easily get a train to reach the waterfall.

This park is closed during winters. So make sure about the climate.

21. Wax Moulages Museums

Zurich has the world’s best wax moulages in a museum. If you are a medical professional or a medical student, it is a great opportunity for you to visit the Wax Moulages Museum in Zurich.

Moulages are 3-D recreation of pathological changes that occur in the part of the body. These moulages mainly display the symptoms of skin diseases. It was the method used in the clinical history to get information about the disease like skin cancer. You can visit here by train or by bus.


Zurich is in the heart of Switzerland. It attracts a lot of tourists from across the world.  I guess you are ready for a vibrant exotic tour to the city of Zurich in Switzerland. If you are planning to go there on your honeymoon don’t forgot to check the best time to visit. And make sure you know the best things to do in Zurich.

The City is indeed beautiful and costlier. But price couldn’t put you off from visiting to this beautiful city of Switzerland.

But to save money you should use the free cycle ride in the city instead of a taxi or train. You can avoid drinking, as bears and wine here is more expensive then you think of. You can rather enjoy in the hotel bar. You can also choose the free walking tour.

I am sure on one thing about the Zurich tour.  When you are returning from the trip, you can’t feel alone (Even if you are) You had a lot of pictures, the best experience to walk along the water in a modern city, a relaxed soul and a lot more with you.

Don’t forget to buy a box of chocolates and truffles from Sprungli. This is a classical gift to bring home to loved ones.

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