Tijuana is a suburb city in Mexico and is adjacent to the south of California. It is the main street full of the crowd with small shops and bars. It’s a cultural city famous for Zona Río district, Jai Alai Frontón palace, and a cultural complex of Tijuana. In this article we are going to cover interesting things to do in Tijuana. The city is known for its sports activities with a large number of stadiums.

Football and wrestling are major sports and this city is also famous for its golden, beautiful and sandy beaches. The meaning of Tijuana is “by the sea”. It is the first International border. Earlier, Kumeyaay Indians used to reside in Tijuana. In the 17th Century, Father Juan Crespi was the first person who gave detailed information about the Valley of Tijuana.

Tijuana is a very colorful city of street arts, golden sandy beaches. It is famous for Greyhound races, bullfighting, soccer and many more activities. You can enjoy the finest dining with delicious Salsa dishes. Baza Beer and famous Mexican local made cheese are the USP of this city.

With an average temperature of 17.2 °C and mild rainfall throughout the year, Tijuana is one of the best places to visit with friends and family.

Where to Stay in Tijuana

Although hotel facility is not luxurious in Tijuana there is one famous hotel known as the Hotel Palacio Azteca, which provides a clean and comfortable stay. The hotel is just 9-10 minutes drive from downtown Tijuana and 10-12 minute drive from San Ysidro border. This hotel has a swimming pool facility with a restaurant which is run by an expert chef graduated from Tijuana’s famous culinary Art School. This hotel also has a famous bar with varieties of wineries.

Things to Do in Tijuana

1. Visit Avenida Revolución

Tijuana’s main tourist attraction is La Revu, near the border of United States. If you are a conventional tourist, buy a big Mexican hat, take a photo with zebra stripes painted donkeys and enjoy the trip. There are a lot of souvenir shops where you can buy local clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, ethnic dresses and all kind of luxury items from an ethnic boutique.

2. Enjoy Traditional Market

After experiencing the shopping at La Revu you can also visit the traditional Mexican market around Tijuana. Mercado Hidalgo is famous for its central location. Here you can find good quality of locally made cheese, goods of South and Central Mexico can be found in abundance in this market. The local food market is famous for its culinary delights. Mexican candies also attract your taste buds to its pure and delicious taste.

3. Enjoy the cultural theme at Tijuana Cultural Centre

The spherical building of Tijuana culture center is also known as La Bola. Because of its shape, it can be recognized even from a very long distance. The ball-shaped IMAX Theater, the cubic shape exhibits space and nearby Museo de las Californias give you the detailed history of past and present. It also sometimes exhibits a variety of small themes.

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In Culture center, there are a lot of cultural events and activities that are performed throughout the year. The photographic exhibition of Massimo Listri is a center of attraction. The museum of California shows a history of the Baza peninsula and European missionaries and the history of the Mexican revolution.

4. Enjoy the thrill of Bullfighting near the sea

Bull fighting is the main attraction of this tourist place. However, it was banned because of animal abuse. It was started in the 16th century and soon became very famous in Mexico especially in Northern Region. You can watch traditional bullfighting at the Plaza Monumental de Tijuana in Fiesta Brava usually from May to September. It is the third largest iconic building for bullring with a capacity of more than 20,000 people. The architecture of this building is worth watching. The scenic beauty of ocean is main attraction of this place.

5. Colorful life at Plaza Santa Cecilia

Plaza Santa Cecilia is located on Calle Primera and Avenida Revolución, it is Tijuana’s oldest squares. Santa Cecilia is famous for its modern and traditional arches that represent the connection between the United States and Mexico. The name was given by the Patron of music Saint Cecilia.

Various musical concerts and traditional folk dances are performed around the year at this place. Wherever you go you can find a colorful festive mood all around. Apart from the music, you can also find a variety of Mexican street food, restaurants, bars and shopping kiosk. Restaurante La Tradicion is a very famous outlet for breakfast.

6. Enjoy the natural beauty of Beaches

If you want to enjoy the whole day in golden sandy beaches then this is the right place for you. Tijuana is full of its own beaches. A half an hour drive to Rosarito Beach, you can witness an attractive old-fashioned beach. You can enjoy and have fun while having delicious food at the seafood restaurant and also try out surfing and sunbathing.

7. Take a Day Trip to the Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is the famous Mexican Wine region. You should definitely pay a visit to this place of pure wineries and vineyards. This city consists of large numbers of famous restaurants which serves different wines and a vast variety of Mexican traditional foods.

8.Mercado El Popo

It is situated near Plaza Saint Cecilia. It is the colorful market containing locally made cheese, vegetables, sweets, herbs. This market is also a place for kitchenware, wooden spoons, candles, soaps, Mexican spices at cheap rates. It is a small version of the big market.

9. Pasaje Rodríguez

Pasaje Rodríguez is nearest to Mercado El Popo. It is also called new Tijuana. The mixture of new and old generation can be seen in this alley filled with artful and beautiful shops with traditional attires. In this place, you can also find trendy bookshops, clothes and many more things to explore. The ambiance is very colorful graffiti-style murals.

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All the walls are painted in vibrant colors which are very eye-catching. This market has many boho style cafeterias, traditional food stalls, local homemade fashion attires, music bars, bookstores and handicraft shops and many more things to explore.

10. Caesars Restaurante Bar

One of the oldest restaurants cum bars is Caesar’s Restaurant Bar. It is credited with the invention of the Caesar salad in Tijuana. Basically, it is the origin of the Caesar salad. Whenever you visit this restaurant you can order this prepared table side. It is one of the finest dining institutions in the Tijuana. It was owned by Tijuana’s chef’s family Plascencias in 2010. This restaurant is very very old and popular for good Mexican cuisines such as cheese enchiladas, Chile Relleno, grilled beef tenderloin and much more. A unique feature of Caesar’s is producing a type of beer with a bitter flavor and higher alcoholic content for beer lovers.

11. Playas de Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana is the place to enjoy and explore your visit to Tijuana. This place is situated 2-3 hours drive from Tijuana. It is famous for its beaches. We can reach the beaches through multiple staircases and walkway along the sand. There are a lot of multi-storied building with bars and restaurants which are famous for serving chilled beers and fresh seafood.

Rented houses can also be available for tourists at very cheap rates. Street art can be seen along street and boardwalk. At this place, you can also see the colorful fencing separating Mexico from the United States, which is 300 feet long into the Pacific Ocean. This is known as Parque de la Amistad or Friendship Park. It is the meeting point of family and friends separated by fencing. It is full of heart touching and tearful moments.

12. GSalinas Vinos de Mexico

If you want to spend your weekend at Tijuana tasting the best wines just come to GSalinas Vinos de Mexico. It is owned by the local family since about 50 years ago. This is the finest beer shop and also has a tasting room. It is famous for its Baja’s great wine. If you don’t get a chance to visit Valle de Guadalupe you must visit this place for famous beer. This shop also has a collection of best wines offered by Valle de Guadalupe. This shop also has a collection of mezcal and Baja craft beer in addition to Mexican wine

13. Caliente Casino: If you a gambler lover

Calintine Casino is a must visit place for Gambling lovers. It is a large Casino satisfying all the needs of gamblers. It is also famous for its Greyhound races that are held every night and a soccer stadium. This casino has also a good restaurant and bar facility which serves world famous Tijuana’s weirdest shots of tequila.

14. El Trompo

If you are visiting Tijuana with your kids it is a must place to visit. Your kids will love the fun museum with a variety of interactive rooms. In this room, your kids can play and learn while having fun. Your kids can have fun with bubble, learn the details of plasma, play knowledgeable games, and create innovating stuff in workshops. There is much more there to explore.

15. New Arts Scene

All credit goes to the designers and different art workers who created imaginary art and made the Tijuana a beautiful and colorful city of art. Arturo Rodríguez of La Caja Galería also debuted a satellite space near art gallery to promote art and culture activities for modern Mexican designers famous for its Ceramic and carving work.

16. Taste at Tras/Horizonte

This is an attractive colorful restaurant with paintings of sea creatures, sunset images, cacti, ferns, fairy lights which gives you a natural outdoor look in an indoor area. Famous Mexican traditional foods are available with fine dining. Foods like shrimp-stuffed with mezcal cocktail are the specialty of this restaurant. Many other foods can also be tasted and enjoy with a great wine of Mexico.

17. Museo de las Californias

The Museo de las Californias is the perfect place to know the history of Baja California from past to present. It’s cave painting, historical milestones, scale models, 16th-century ships for transportation, missions achieved, chapel and many more things to visit about the history related to Tijuana and Mexico.

18. Cien Años

It is the best place for Mexican Cuisine mostly traditional. You can taste a delicious and classic roasted Salsa salsa de molcajete, Shrimps Chiles Rellenos. The famous seafood with Mexican sauces is prepared here with the finest dining option for you. You can also enjoy a traditional Mexican dish Sopa Azteca with avocado and tortilla strips here.

19. Mission 19

An Elegant, stylish and fashionable place Mission 19 owned by famous Mexican Chef Javier Plascencia. You can try a different taste of roast duck with mezcal, guava and chili or pork crackling, Meyer lemon caramel and also enjoy tuna parfait with avocado meringue. It is the best place to visit at Tijuana and have a greater insight into the concept of fine dining.

You can also include following locations on your visiting list:

  • Watch a movie on the IMAX screen or attend a cultural event at CECUT
  • You can enjoy a spicy shrimp taco at El Mazateño taqueria
  • See the public art gallery an exhibit at El Cubo,
  • You can also visit the wax museum in Mexico
  • At Avenida Revolucion, you can shop the handmade guayabera and embroidery shirts
  • Enjoy the taste of molcajete at Los Remedios
  • You can also enjoy a live concert at El Foro
  • Do Yoga and have lunch near the ocean at Yogurt Place
  • A fun learning place at El Trompo Interactive Museum
  • Taste the Tacos el Gordo in San Diego
  • Enjoy the taste of a torta at Tortas Washmobile.
  • In Rincon San Roman you can taste a slice at Pastel de Crepas de Tijuana,
  • Enjoy the thrill of soccer game at Caliente Stadium
  • Visit La Querencia restaurant to eat beet carpaccio and blue cheese
  • And finally, enjoy Baja California wines in Valle de Guadalupe.

So don’t wait. Just come and enjoy the culture and fine cuisine of Tijuana.


All in all, Tijuana is one of the finest tourist destinations which is popular for its colorful culture. If you are a person who is fond of rich culture and traditions, this place is a must visit for you. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the artistic beauty of Tijuana and gather some cherishable memories!

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