Puerto Rico is a country with a dynamic culture, beautiful beaches and lots of adventure that will enchant you. Being a Caribbean Island, it captivates tourists that come to relax and have a good time. Despite the hurricane in this great Island, it remains a tourist attraction.

This U.S territory provides the best sites for nature lovers such as forests, waterfalls, and mountains where one can appreciate the surroundings of this region. If you are the kind of person who parties all night, then Puerto Rico is the place to be.

In Puerto Rico, there are a variety of things you can do in case you are planning to visit for the first time. The following are some of them:

1. Visit the two Castles

In Puerto Rico, two castles were built by Spanish engineers way back. The castles purpose was to protect San Juan from the harm. The two villas are Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristobal. The first castle was built on top of a promontory guarding anyone against coming from the ocean.

This spectacular place is perfect when you want to experience the past and have a good time as well. The tall walls provide an excellent destination for tourist to have a clear view of the ocean. You can also have a look at the Devil’s Sentry Box where legends used to say that soldiers disappear mysteriously.

2. Tour El Yungue

Adventure fanatics find a way to spend their holiday well in this place. El Yungue is a National Rainforest which is found in the northeastern part of Puerto Rico. With high slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo Mountain El Yungue has a dense jungle that has tropical species and variety of ecosystems.

It is a tourist attraction destination providing an excellent hiking spot and an incredible place to enjoy the waterfalls.  You can work out by hiking in this beautiful forest viewing the nature and appreciating it at the same time.

3. Catamaran Sail and Snorkeling

Have a breathtaking experience on the Island of Puerto Rico. Explore the Caribbean sea creatures that await underneath the waters. You can also sail to the other secluded Island if you want a peaceful environment away from many people.

Sail through the waters and experience the warm humidity of the sea. You can also collect seashells, snorkel, and bask under the sun in the before going back to San Juan. Feel the cool breeze that gives you a perfect slice of paradise.

4. Bioluminescent Bay

As you plan to travel to Puerto Rico, don’t forget to visit the Bioluminescent Bay to have fun. Also known as the mosquito bay and the worlds brightest Bioluminescent. This bay provides kayak adventure to enjoy and have a thrilling moment.

Explore the Laguna Grande and get to see the glowing friends who are microscopic organisms that can produce light by touching them. You will also experience and learn how to preserve the environment where these planktons live.

Visiting here will be a magical memory that you will never forget all your years.

5. Tour around the Old San Juan

A trip while on a vacation is a must do a thing. Wander around the Old San Juan view historical places like the churches and chapels, museums and a cathedral that will give you an opportunity to learn more about this old town.

Although Old San Juan has no resort hotels, no beaches and no natural beauty that one can talk about, it is a beautiful colonial architecture and timeless magic making this a perfect place for to tourist destination.

6. Hit the Beach

While in Puerto Rico you can never go wrong when you decide to relax at the beachside. There are times while in Vacation, you only need to bask and empty your mind. You can choose from a variety of beaches if you are around San Juan like the ones in Condado and Isla Verde.

Other beaches that can suit your needs are located on the main Island such as the Luquillo Beach which is a government-run beach. For those people who love surfing, you can engage in this activity around beach like Rincon where there are best waves to surf safely.

Swim and have a sunbathe at the beach having an exciting time with your family, friends or spouse. You can also plan to take a honeymoon vacation in this region.

7. Sample the Local Food

Visit different restaurants that offer fantastic food. Guavate is famous for Lechon which is a roasted pig. However, you can also find Lechon in other restaurants around the same area.

Try other cuisines that are unique, and you will not get them anywhere else for you to remember Puerto.

8. Explore the Underground Cave

Walk in the dark caves and enjoy the time during your holiday. You can survey the caves on your own or with a group. Famous caves that attract visitors from all over the world include the Camuy Cave which is the largest cave in the world.

It will be a walk that you will not only have fun, but also you will learn so many things.

9. Visit Cabo Rojo

In Cabo Rojo, you can see the awesome sunsets because of its coastline. Cabo Rojo is well known for the diverse ecosystem such as mangroves and coral reefs. You can also see the lighthouse which was built in 1882. It is an excellent landmark that gives you an opportunity to view the Spanish architectural skills of the past.

10. Visit the Cayo Icacos

This is another heaven on earth that you wouldn’t want to miss while in Puerto Rico. It is only 15 minute from the mainland, and it is an undeveloped Island in the middle of nowhere. Taking a tour in Cayo Icacos will make you feel like you are in the middle of a desert because of the white sand and forested grove.

Cayo Icacos is an incredible gateway to relax and have all the time by yourself, have fun and enjoy your vacation uniquely.

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