Just a stone throwing distance away from the main city, Hood River is one of the most famous vacation getaways you could ever have. The beautiful port-city, Hood River, has holiday material up on her sleeves. From orchard farms to mountains and snow sports, Hood River can be magnificent through every season in a year. And if you are new in this city of Oregon, we have a list of things that you can visit or see while you are in Hood River. Let us talk a little!

10 Things to Do in Hood River

1. Enjoy the snowy mountains

Be it Mount Hood or Cooper Spur, the hills of Hood River get all snowy during the winter season. Get a vacation rental near the mountains, and you can enjoy the views of the snowy peaks. And if you feel like doing more than just watching the snow changes colour with the sun, you can also go for snow sports. Skiing and snowboarding are two famous winter sports that you can indulge in. You can bring your skis or rent a pair from here. There is no other way to enjoy Hood River other than going for snow sports.

2. Visit the waterfalls

Another great attraction of Hood River is the waterfalls and hundreds of tourists around the world visit this place to take a look at those mighty waterfalls. Amongst many waterfalls, the 620 feet high Multnomah Waterfall is surely a treat to the sore eyes. And if you want to visit other waterfalls of Hood River, you can park anywhere on the Columbia George Highway and take a look at the spectacular view of the waterfalls.

3. Orchard firms

Hood River city is famous for its orchard firms. Throughout the whole year, you can enjoy the beauty of these fruit firms and it is something you will remember for the rest of your lives. You can stop at the orchards to taste the variety of fruits or you can take a long drive through the valley’s orchard and enjoy the breathtaking view from far. It is considered as the most indulged activity of Hood River. From Lavender to Alpacas, you will find all the little things on your way through the orchard Valley of Hood River.

4. Explore the Automobile Museum

Apart from the natural wonders, Hood River is a famous place where you can soak up a little history from the surroundings as well. The History and culture of Hood River is interesting enough to take a peek. And for that, you need to visit the Automobile Museum of Hood River. The huge collection of the antique planes and automobile is a great place to get an idea about this port city. And the surprising part is that most of these machines are fully functional. Each Saturday, professional drivers and pilots operate these antique pieces for the delight of the audience.

5. Visit the Waterfront Park

If you visit Hood River at the time of summer, Waterfront Park is the must-visited place for you if you are family man. This is the best spot to enjoy with your family through a little picnic. The warm days of sun cannot get any better than in the Waterfront Park of Hood River. You can relax and read a magazine, walk in the sand or let your kids run free for a while. Also, this place has its own accommodation place as well. And to satisfy your stomach and hunger, you can easily go for the restaurants or cafes nearby. Not only that but you can also catch a movie at the theatre of the Waterfront Park.

6. Trekking

Another famous activity of Hood River is trekking! Surrounded by rocky cliffs, this place is best for the adults and the kids to indulge into a little trekking fun. From easy hiking to site to steep hiking trails, Hood River has every other option open for you. The George trail and the Twin Tunnel are famous as they provide you with great views from the top.

7. Ride a horse

It does not matter how many times you have ridden a horse, it never gets old, does it? And there is no other way to experience the ancient Oregon other than to take a ride on the oldest transportation system that it had i.e. horse. You will find loads of stables in Hood River from where you can easily hire a horse for a day or few hours. Hood River has many approved trails which are approved by the authority to ride on a horseback. And if you are new to horse riding, you can take a few classes in Hood River as well.

8. Taste the culinary expertise

Amongst many other activities, satisfying your taste buds is one of them. Hood River has many vineyards around the city and you can visit any of them to take a sip of the finest wine in Oregon. Apart from the wines, Hood River is also famous for its coffee shops. And if you want to taste something really intimate, have your breakfast from a shop of homemade breakfast.

9. Enjoy the culture

Despite a small city, Hood River has many artistic features that can amaze you to the core. Visit the art museums of Hood River to witness the artistic sides of this place. Also, you can visit the theatres to catch a play or two. Hood River is also home to many open studios and craft shows, if you have a day off you can surely visit these places.

10. Bike Riding

Last but not the least, Hood River can provide you with a great bike riding experience if you are up for it. It has some great biking trails to fulfil your adventurous soul. You can easily hire a bike from any local rentals.

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So, these are the top 10 things that you can indulge in Hood River. Pack your backpacks and hit this small town which can be a surprise for every tourist. Have fun!

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