If you are looking for a small town where you can just sit back and relax for the summer, we might have the perfect name for your thoughts. Estes Park! This little Colorado town with a resident of less than 7000 is the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Park. With Thompson River by the side, Estes Park can also be called an underrated tourist spot for all the nature lover. This place has so many fun and quirky things to visit and do that it might surprise you, how your travel soul missed this place for so long. Let us have a look a the 10 interesting things to do in Estes park.

10 Things to Do in Estes Park

1. Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

This is the first thing you have to do after reaching Estes Park. It does not matter whether you are a mountain lover or not; this Park has some of the best stunning mountain scenery you can ever witness. This 415 sq. Mile area is surrounded by more than 300 hiking trails. And these trails can gift you with the most amazing scenery you have ever seen in your life. And apart from these adventures, people also enjoy watching wildlife animals, fish and have a little picnic for themselves as well. Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most important things to do in Estes Park.

2. Explore Baldpate Inn Key Collection

Have you ever seen a place full of keys hanging from the ceiling? Such scenes remind us of the Harry Potter, doesn’t it? Well, if you are in Estes Park, you should absolutely visit Baldpate Inn where you can even find the key to the Frankenstein’s castle and the Hitler’s bunkers. You can find more than 20,000 keys in here. Not only that but you can also find the key to the White House as well. From robbed banks to Hollywood Actors green rooms, the collection of keys will surely make you speechless.

3. Visit the Stanley Steam Car Museum

The magnificent hotel Stanley of Estes Park is most famous for its alleged haunting and paranormal experiences. But if you are too cool to visit the ghosts, you can always head to the Stanley Steam Car Museum. This historical museum showcases amazing Stanley Cars with two passenger models and eight wagons models which are quite rare nowadays. The steam engines of these cars are something worth visiting in this 21st century. You can take their tours to the museum every day. Also, you can take their ghost tours as well to experience a little haunting situation yourself.

4. Horseback ride

Your trip to Estes Park cannot ever be completed without having a ride on horseback. From one hour to overnight, you can hire a horse in Estes Park always. And if you feel like you are not qualified enough to ride a horse, you can always take their workshop lessons. And if you are the brave one, you can even travel to the top of the mountain on horseback.

5. White Water Rafting

Another interesting thing to indulge in Estes Park is the White Water Rafting. You can choose the Colorado River or the Poudre River for your first time rafting experience. However, the Colorado River is recommended for the beginners. Also, if you are not feeling confident enough, you can always take the workshop near Estes Park which will teach you the basics of rafting. And while rafting, you might watch many wildlife animals and birds on the way as well.

6. Go fishing

Estes Park is famous for the fishing experience. Filled with lakes, anyone can go fishing in at the Rocky National Mountain Park of Estes Park. You can easily buy all the fishing instruments from the town itself. You can go to the National Park or your nearby riverside for a better experience. Lots of people go fishing in Estes Park every day. However, weekends are still the best times to go for a family fishing trip.

7. Wine Tasting

It does not matter what you do and what you do not, wine tasting is surely an absolute experience you should try in Estes Park. Just take a stroll through the downtown of Estes Park, and you will find several great wine shops to taste wine from. Among them, Riverwalk and Snowy Peaks Winery are the two best places from where you should try your wines.

8. Rent a Boat

What is the use of so many lakes, if you cannot go for a boating experience? The boating experience among the mountains is an experience you should absolutely have in Estes Park. You can rent any type of boats such as canoes or kayaks etc. Or else, you can have your big paddle boats and fishing boats as well. You can enjoy this boat riding alone, or you can tag along with your whole family as well.

9. Go shopping

Shopping at Estes Park is one of the most interesting activities for women. From local stores to art galleries, the shopping experience at the downtown Estes Park is something unique as you will discover many new things en-route. Downtown Estes Park always provides exciting offers for everyone which is another reason to go shopping while you are in Estes Park.

10. Wildlife Tour

Estes Park is home to many unique species of wildlife animals and birds, and while you are tripping through this place, you surely do not want to miss that chance. Estes Park offers many tour guides, and you have to book them in advance. Tours are given by car mostly. From Marmots, Elks, Pikas, Coyotes to Bighorn Sheep, ground squirrel moose — you can experience diverse wildlife in Estes Park.

Not only that but you can spot various rare species bird while touring as well. The Estes Park Sanctuary is surely filled with many unique animals and bird to every nature lover’s delight.

You might think that a small town like Estes Park must not have many things to do. But it has so many things to do that you will not be able to cover everything in a week or two. Have a great vacation!

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