Squeezed in between the dotted pine trees and the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Cambria is a perfect vacation place with picturesque landscapes. Situated at the edge of California, Cambria is the beach of abundant grace with rocky cliffs painting the borders. And if you want to tan your perfect bikini body this summer, there could be no more perfect place than Cambria. Tourism being this town’s primary activity, lots of people from different corners of the world visit this beach every year.

However, before you decide to travel this far to enjoy this secluded beach, let me enlighten you a little with the 10 best things that you can do in Cambria.

Top 10 Things to Do in Cambria

1. Take a long walk along the Moonstone Beach

Moonstone beach is one of the most famous beaches in Cambria. The golden sand of this beach will put your feet into a spell. The name ‘Moonstone’ came from the shiny gemstones that can be found on this beach. These gems might not worth anything, but they mean a lot to those who like pretty beach things. Also, if you want to witness the gorgeous sunsets of your life, this beach would be a perfect choice.

2. Visit Hearst Castle

Another attraction of Cambria is the Hearst Castle. Noted as the National Historic Landmark, this Hearst Castle increases the beauty of this beach. You have to trek a hill to reach this place and take a look through the timeline of history. Originally made by William Randolph Hearst, this castle has stood through the historical lapse of time. Also, the architectural finishing of this castle is something worth visiting at least once in a life. Surprisingly, this castle has 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms along with a big movie theatre.

3. Downtown Cambria

If you are wondering what you can do in Cambria, a stroll through the downtown Cambria is the best thing you can do. The antique shops and the vintage-styled roads of download Cambria is something worth witnessing. The roads are perfectly decorated with flowers, and you will find many pottery and brewery shops while strolling. And if you want to explore a little more, you can hire a bike at the downtown Cambria for a better experience.

4. Visit Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

Cambria is famous for her natural wonders. And among many wonders, the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is one of them. The green meadow and the silent woods of this Preserve is something worth taking a stroll. The 430-acre area is easily accessible from the town centre of Cambria, and the Coastal Bluff Trail will surely tickle your travel soul. Also, you can take a walk to the cliffs of the Cambria through this 430-acre place as well.

5. Wine tasting

One of the best activities you can indulge in Cambria is the wine tasting. Cambria is home to many fine wineries where you can go for a great wine tasting session. Pacific Coast Wine Trails, Black hand Cellars, Stolo Family Winery etc. are some of the famous wineries of Cambria. No one should ever leave Cambria without tasting their famous Pablo Rosso Wine.

6. Watch the elephant seal rookery

Another attraction of Cambria is visiting Piedras Blancas to watch the Elephant Seal Rookery. You can head up to the coast from the Hearst Castle in Cambria to visit this place. And if you are lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of these seals during their breeding season when thousands of elephant seals visit this place to take their spots. Thousands of female and male seals lying on the beach is quite a scene to watch from a distance.

7. Piedras Blancas Light Station

The 1875’s light station of Piedras Blancas is surely a scene worth watching. You can catch a glimpse of this light station from the elephant seal rookery itself. However, if you can indulge in a two hours long road trip, you can get inside the ancient light station. This place has been listed as the National Register of Historic Places. Lots of people around the USA come to this place to visit this unique historical place.

8. Visit Sand Dollar Beach

Sand Dollar Beach is a popular place to get a taste of the salty water. Not only that but this beach is also a famous place for the Jade hunters as well. Apart from the hunting, this place is famous for a great spot for picnic, beachcombing, surfing and fishing. However, the current in this beach is quite rough, and swimmers should be careful while they are jumping into the sea water. And if you are into water sports, hang gliding and Paragliding facility is also there.

9. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Marine Sanctuary is one of the wonders of Cambria. This place is reserved for the protection, research and education about the marine animals. This federally protected area includes a shoreline of 276 miles. America’s largest kelp forest and one of the largest underwater canyons — these two attractions are the main features of this sanctuary. This sanctuary includes more than 35 species of marine animals, 180 species of shorebird and more than 500 species of fish.

10. Visit Nitt Witt Ridge

On the contrary of Hearst Castle, if you do not visit Nitt Witt Ridge, your trip to Cambria can be labelled as incomplete. This house is one of the wonders of this place because a man built this house out of whatever he could find in his lifetime. The diverse construction material will keep you out of your wits for sure. Beer cans, shells, driftwood; Arthur Beal spent almost fifty years of his life to building this house. He used to beg and borrow the materials from different people to build this house. This house is called the ‘Living art’ of Cambria.

These are the plausible ten things you can do whenever you are tripping through Cambria. A unique place with unique things to visit, Cambria will never disappoint you as a tourist. Happy Journey!

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