Belize is a small country in Central America where one can visit when you want to enjoy adventure and culture. With shorelines to the east and jungles to the west, Belize is a perfects gateway to have an excellent vacation that is one of a kind.

Over the past years, visitors from all over the world visit Belize to have fun while enjoying the beautiful terrain of this nation. If you are planning to tour this state, you may find yourself in a dilemma on what to do given that there are so many things to choose from the list.

The following are the best activities to put into consideration when in Belize.

1. Swim in the Caribbean Sea

There is nothing as breathtaking immersing yourself in the sea. If you are a swimmer, a boater or snorkeler you can prove that the Caribbean Sea is the best place to engage in all these incredible activities.

You will also see the beautiful sea creatures as you dive into the waters. Other adventure sports like kayak, sail paddleboard, and kitesurf are also available in the coastline. Enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean Sea and have all the time to relax during your vacation.

2. Boat Ride

Taking a boat trip is another way to have a splendid time while on holiday. It does not require you to have any exceptional skills as it simple. All you need is courage on plenty of water like the Caribbean Sea. Though it might be frightening, learn new things while in Belize.

There are different ways to enjoy the ride. Such as in a water taxi, sailboats, motorboat or catamaran. All these are methods that offer you’re an opportunity to explore the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

You can also choose to ride a kayak and sail through the aquamarine and have them at a closer view. In Belize, you are spoiled of choice.

3. Caving

Caving is also an excellent way to explore Belize. Caving gives you an opportunity to survey the hidden parts of the nation and see things that you have never seen before. Mayan cave is a heaven on earth where you can tour around.

Belize provides excellent, safe cave adventure for all kinds of visitors. You don’t have to worry as you will be guided inside by a trained tour guide. Explore Barton’s caves where you will not only survey but also you will have fun in an inner tube which passes through the underground.

For those who are fanatics of adventure, there is an extraordinary ATM cave tour that you will live to tell.

4. Waterfall and Jungle Tour

Rivers and waterfalls are also famous in this region. They are many spectacular trips to take for you to enjoy Belize and its natural surroundings. You can visit the Rio Frio commonly known as BlueCreeks waterfalls which has caves as well.

There are plenty of activities like riding a horse through the jungle, or you can decide to take a zip line through the forest. No matter the method you use to get in the jungle it is a pack of fun, and you will get a chance to appreciate nature.

5. Try the local food

There is nothing as good as eating food that you have never tasted before in your life. While in Belize, make sure try some great stewed gibnut and the Garifuna’s traditional coconut fish stew.

Not go home without tasting the artisan chocolate as well. The companies here produce high-quality chocolate that you don’t want to miss.

6. Learn the Culture of Belize’s

Knowledge comes from the various things that you see and being on holiday doesn’t mean that you cannot learn the fun way. Belize has vast cultures, races, and customs that one can learn about while in that nation.

You can get a depth-knowledge about their cultures and how they live amongst themselves through different programs. Enjoy a drumming class while in Belize which will make you want to visit again. Visit the Dangriga and Hopkins which is a home of culture and the place where Rock music genre was born.

7. Take a Hike

A hike is a perfect way to focus on things and have that peace of mind that you need. Taking a mountain hike using a mountain bike is an excellent way to relax, have fun and explore Belize. You can hike through the jungle resorts which have nature trails that are easy to follow and adhere.

With the well defines paths which contain signs and marks on various point, you will get to see multiple plants. Their scientific names indicated on small wooden signposts. Don Elijio National park is one such place that you can visit.

8. Visit the Beach

Visiting the beach is an activity that you should include on your to-do list on your next visit to Belize. The Caribbean Sea offers you the opportunity to snorkel, dive or relax under a coconut tree. The beaches are safe as they do not experience undercurrents making it a perfect place for adventures such as scuba and deep sea fishing.

Such places that you can enjoy in Belize include Caye Caulker, Placencia, and Hopkins among many others.

9. Visit the Museum

You can find the museum of Belize at the corner of Gabourel and Hutson Street. It is a beautiful place to visit and see the brick building that was once a colonial prison. The exhibition that focuses on the Maya and colonial history are also found in the museum.

10. Explore the Big Islands

Belize is a home for more than 200 Islands. For those looking to enjoy the holiday uniquely, you can visit the lovely peninsula for amenities such as fine wines and clubbing where you can have a good time away from the crowd. Ambergris Caye and the Placencia Peninsula are among the best place that attracts most visitors from all over the world.

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