For every nature and travel lovers, Ireland is a place you must visit due to it romantic sights and beautiful nature. Most of the travelers to this beautiful country tend to spend a lot of time in the big cities like Dublin, Galway etc.

However, the unspoiled beauty of this country lies in its small towns. They are full of medieval styled castle and botanical gardens that shows tradition, culture and customs of the Ireland. To know this country from its root, it is really essential to visit some of the small towns in Ireland. They will connect you with the true emotions of this country. Here is the list to top 10 charming and beautiful small towns in Ireland.

1. Kinsale (County Cork)

Situated on the banks of the river Bandon, the town of Kinsale is a traditional fishing town in Ireland. The streets of the town are bit narrow but are very lively. They are full of charming shops, pubs and galleries for the travellers. The isolated location from the hustling-bustling Cork City offers a peaceful location to the tourists. The Kinsale harbour view from the old ring fort is also incredible. The yacht club and marina beach are the other attractions for the tourists that this city offers.

2. Glengarriff (County Cork)

This small town is situated on the Cork’s Beara Peninsula. It is one of the most visited small towns in Ireland. This town is full of picturesque landscapes. The town bordering is full of rugged mountain ranges. The most famous one is Lady Bantry’s Lookout. The town resembles many other small towns in Ireland. It is full of pubs, shopping centers and restaurants.

3. Lismore (County Waterford)

This historical town of the Waterford city lies on the foothills of Knockmealdown Mountains. The town have 800 years old castle near the old monastery. The castle was built on the hill top in the medieval time. It provides great view of the complete town and encompassing Blackwater Valley. The antique ‘Book of Lismore’ and ‘Lismore Crozier’ from the castle have been put into ‘Chatsworth House in Derbyshire’ and ‘National Museum of Ireland’ as the city’s antique treasure.

4. Valentia (County Kerry)

Situated on the Valentina Island of the Iveragh Peninsula, the south west town of the Ireland has been adobe of fossil footprints discovered in the 1993. This island town is connected to the mainland through two points – one is starting from Portmagee and other one is starting from Reenard Point. The main tourist attraction of this town is beautiful Glanleam House and sub-tropical garden that have some rare plants. From this small town, one can travel to ancient Monastic Island called Skellig Michael.

5. Strandhill (County Sligo)

This small coastal town is commonly known as surfer’s haven. It is built on the western base ‘Knocknarea Mountain’ that is located on the western side of the ‘Sligo’ town. This town has traditional 200 years old thatched cottage named as Dolly’s Cottage. For history lovers, the site has megalithic ‘tombs of Carrowmore’. The town holds festivals like Warrior Festival which is full of rigour and makes you feel alive.

6. Carlingford (County Louth)

This small town has got its name after Old Norse (i.e. narrow sea-inlet of the hag). Carlingford is situated between the two famous sites – Carlingford Lough and Slieve Foy. Carlingford is blessed with some breath-taking views. It is also known for its Viking heritage.

The town streets are famous for display the medieval culture. The best example of it can be found at Tholsel or town gate. The complete history of this amazing town i.e. from Viking to Norman to present day is very well presented at the town heritage center. Carlingford is also known for fishing at the harbour. Generally the locals and tourists enjoy’s catching oysters and crab in the area. To celebrate the town’s special cuisine the city holds annual Carlingford Oyster Festival.

7. Gweedore (County Donegal)

This is a North-Western Ireland town situated in the Donegal city of the land of the islands. The locals of the area are Gaelic-speaking. Gweedore is largely known for displaying the traditional Irish Culture. The main attraction of this town is National Park and Castle. The town seas have small islands like Gola and Tory. The weather this town can get rough especially at the Magheraclogher beach.

8. Westport (County Mayo)

Unlike many other small towns in Ireland, Westport is a planned town. Located on the Clew Bay, it was designed by the James Wyatt in the year 1780. Thus, it displays the classic Georgian style. The river has been specially designed to pass through this town to enhance its beauty. The tourist attraction of this town includes Westport House which is built over O’Malley Castle, dungeons of the castle and ‘The Reek’ (pilgrimage mountain of Croagh Patrick)

9. Birr (County Offaly)

Birr is another Georgian styled town of Ireland. Birr’s street and elegant architectural sites are the major tourist attraction of this place. The John’s Place and on the Oxman town mall displays the best Georgian style fanlight windows.

The other examples of this style are the Emmet Square and Emmet Street. The John’s Hall displays the best of the style in the city. The Seffin Stone and monastery by St. Brendan is the other main tourist attraction. The Birr Castel is said to be built in 1170. It is said that the castle is a private residence of the Earls of Rosse.

10. Enniskerry (County Wicklow)

This small town of Ireland is situated on the river Glencullen, at the foothill of the known mountain Wicklo. The name of this town means rugged ford and it displays the same. It is mainly known for ‘Powerscourt Estate’ that has 47 acre of gardens.

The house represents 18th Century Palladian style. The garden was restored in 1996 after the fire break out in the year 1974. Apart from houses and garden, the other main attraction of the estate is the Powerscourt Waterfall. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the Ireland.

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