Iceland! The paradise on Earth and the bucket list of so many people out there. The spectacular beauty of Iceland is something that has been imported straight out of a fairytale. Not that this place only leaves you in awe, but it also gives you a certain positive vide that you carry around for the rest of your life.

Also, with the tickets arrow going downward for Iceland flights, it has become a greater travelling catch more than any other place. But are you planning to the same old things that every tourist does? What about changing your mind a little here like replacing ‘regular’ with ‘quirky’? I bet you won’t regret that decision. Have a look.

10 Quirky Tourist Attractions In Iceland

1. Viking Village

As a child, everyone has read the scary and fairy stories of Vikings. And if you can witness their village for real, will you ever miss that? Down to the roads of Stokksnes Peninsula, you will find a fully reconstructed Viking village that will help your imaginations fly high. It was constructed for a Hollywood Viking film but was never made. So, now it has become a off-tourist place for the quirky travellers.

2. Whale Watching

How many times have you imagined big white whale scattering water while reading Moby Dick?  Well, now you can give your imagination a shape. Just visit the coast of Reykjavik where you can watch whales. The size of this majestic mammal will surely leave you in awe. And the best time to watch whales in Iceland is from June to September.

3. Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum

You might think that what’s so interesting about a shark museum? But it is a lot more fun that you can ever imagine. This museum presents you with a whole lot of history of shark fishing in Iceland. The shark meat is considered a delicacy in Iceland and this museum educates you on how to eat it. Raw shark meat is poisonous itself. So to make it edible, you have to ferment it properly. You can check out the sample fermented shark meat here. In a nutshell, it is a great place to quench your knowledge buds.

4. Elliðaárdalur Valley

Situated at the heart of Reykjavik, this valley will feel like an oasis in the desert. It is quite easy to reach; anyone can take buses from Reykjavik to reach this place. This place is full of wonderful scenic beauties that cannot be justified enough in digital photos. Also, this place is famous amongst the cyclists as well.

5. Dynajandi Waterfalls in West Fjords

Among all other quirky tourist places, this might be the quirkiest because only 3% of the total tourists visit West Fjords. During the post ice-age time when Earth started to cool off and started forming continents, West Fjords is one of the firsts to form. And and the waterfall in this place is the one thing you cannot miss surely.

6. Dyrhólaey Beach

Just a two and half hour drive away from Reykjavik, this beach is home to puffins. It is a black sand beach which is another wonder of nature. Not only that this place is a great place to relax but it is also a great place to do some needful photography as well. Visit this place during the time of sunset and you will never forget the beauty of it. Also, this beach has two parts, one lower beach portion and one higher cliff area from where you can have a panorama view of this place.

7. Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Situated at Vatnajökull National Park, Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon is one of the most astounding things to see in Iceland. The blue water and the gigantic glacial among is the view everyone wants to take a glimpse of. Unknown to the most, this is the deepest lake of Iceland. But sadly due to glacial melting, this size of the lake is growing every year.

8. Kerið Volcanic Crater

The 3,000 years old volcanic crater is situated near the Icelandic Ring Road. The Kerid volcanic crater is a treat to your eyes and it provides you with a scenic beauty that you have never witnessed. Also, it is a great place to do some trekking. As documented, this volcano erupted once and the magma in here took the shape of this crater as we see now.

9. Inside of a Volcano, Thrihnukagigur

Have you ever dreamt to travelling inside of a volcano? Well, there’s only one place in the world to do so i.e. in Iceland. The volcano, Thrihnukagigur, is located near Reykjavik and you need to book an organised tour to go inside this volcano. You will be provided with all the health and other safety measures to walk inside the volcano. First, you have to trek a little and after that a lift will bring you down in the volcano. And to your surprise, the vividness of the volcano is something no one ever expects. Surely, it is a lifetime experience for all.

10. Vatnshellir Lava Cave

Cave touring is one of the most regular things of Iceland but not all caves are alike. You might visit lots of crystal caves but how about touring a lava cave? Situated at Snæfellsnes peninsula, this lava cave falls in the blind spot of most tourists in Iceland. The small entrance of this cave gives you a big surprise when it takes you to the 35 metres underground into a lava tube. And there can’t be any comparison to the feelings of being at the centre of the Earth, can there?

Well, everyone can travel according to the traditional regular way but how many can go a little quirky even at the soil of a foreign land? But if you can plan the quirky moves way before your trips, it will not be a problem, ever. So, just follow this long list and plan your vacation for the next summer. Happy Travelling!

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