If you are travelling to the Ireland for the first time, there are certain transportation tips for you to wander around the city with the ease. Almost all the travelling guide suggests hiring or renting a car to travel around the Ireland.

However, it’s best to travel through personal conveyance; there are many other ways of transportation available in the Ireland. It has well developed network of trains, buses and shared cab. For the travellers, the good option can be a mix of group tour and self-driven car or hired cab.

All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the visitor shall evaluate them all before deciding on personal conveyance and renting a car. To help the traveller select the right mode of transportation, here are some transportation option with their benefits and drawbacks.

Transportation Options in Ireland


In Ireland, trains connect some of the major parts of the cities and hubs. There are also frequent and well-connected network of buses to the train station. Tickets can be easily booked online or purchased at the station.

However, it is best only for travelling the long distances well within the city. Solely, relying on it for transportation is not advisable as there are certain areas where there is no train system.

Apart from it, some trains are not that luxurious. There are no provisions for reserving seats in some of the train. Though there is availability of WiFi connection in the train but can be compromised at times. So, along with the train also look at the other transportation options as well.


The other convenient way of traveling in the city and market of the Ireland is the Bus. Though not that luxurious one but the right connectivity with the train stations and other prominent places in the city makes it other good option.

Travelling through bus is affordable compared to other means of transportation. Tickets can be purchased in advance through online portal ‘BusEireann’.Despite the comfort and good inter-city connectivity, the bus system has some drawbacks. It is not as comfortable as it seems. The driver has to be waved to be stopped at the stand. Bus doesn’t halt at stand just because crowd is waiting to board and travel.


The travelling experience in Ireland can be altogether a different experience, if travelled through a car. Driving the car through the highways and valleys, viewing the mesmerising sightseen throughout the route gives a chance to see the romantic beauty of the land. The cars can be rented or hired from the different agencies available in the city.

Generally, the rented cars have fix shift. They can be pre-booked online or you can get them manually from the agency. Agencies offer wide range of cars from small to economics car models to SUV and Luxurious. However, there are only few automated cars, so you shall reserve it in advance. The agencies for the rented cars also have the required insurance. You can avail it at the time of booking the car.

But for those who are not aware about the city, driving can be taxing in Ireland, as it has different rules. The different road signs, roundabouts and rushing traffic can be real task for the driver.

For instance, in Ireland, the cars are drove on the left side of the road. The turns on red lights are not allowed. Instead of American style yellow dividing lines, there are white lines that can confuse the new drivers in the state. The parking areas in the market area can be too narrow.

The drivers need to carry both international and domestic driving license. The local drivers can also be tough as they are used to blunt cuts and dead corners. The road conditions in some areas can also be challenge. The potholes, slow moving tractors and sheep crossing can be spoilers for some.

Apart from it; the highways have generally only 2-3 lanes. For the slow traffic, there is a ‘Fast Lane’. The speed limit on the highway varies from 120 kmh. to 80 kmh. There are toll booths with manual collectors.

Car with Chauffeur

If driving the car by your own doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you can always hire or rent the car in the city with a chauffeur. It will not only be relaxing for you but also being local on your side can act as your tour guide.  They can fill you with the local information and knowledge. The driver’s familiarity with the roads and rules can help you plan your traveling schedule well.

But on the downside it can increase your travelling budget by a good margin. Also, you may have to make sure about the driver you are hiring. You must spend some time going through the driver testimonials and reviews.

Group Travelling

If you don’t wish to travel alone then you can opt to travel in a group. There are dozens of travelling agencies which offers city group tours with affordable pricing.

The best or worst part of these tours is a fix itinerary. The group tours are usually well planned and cover almost every important attraction of the city. These tours are precisely made for tourists. Thus, it covers almost every important part of the cities.

Another advantage or disadvantage in a group can be the fact that you are not alone. You may have to compromise on your privacy and comfort. But on a brighter side, you can socialise with almost 50 other people from different countries and culture. It’s a wonderful to share your experience with different natives who are exploring the city as you are.

However, group travelling is not recommended for anyone who wishes to explore the city in depth. These types of tours are usually too hasty to learn about a place in detail. Therefore, if planning to see the city in a group, be sure, you have done your homework and know the group size and itinerary well in advance.

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