Spending a vacation, traveling to a new place or just taking a trip for exploring a new place is always very exciting and full of pleasure. However, the alien-ness to the city, society and its culture, at-times makes it challenging and ruins the experience. To ensure enjoyable holiday trip and traveling experience to a foreign land, it’s always good to know the city, its social norms, and culture, before actually visiting it. A brief know-how about the new place not only helps to unfold the place beautifully but also involves one into it, deeply!!!

Therefore, for those who are visiting Ireland for the first time, here are some important information about the city in the form of Do’s and Don’ts. Adhering to the city’s rule and social norms is very important. The few tips below will help you know certain cultural facts that are commonly followed in the Ireland society. Maintaining them while traveling around Ireland will surely give you a welcoming feel from the city.

Do’s While Traveling to Ireland

The personal conveyance – The city transportation system is bit slow and expensive. Thus, for roaming around the city or marketplace, it is best to hire or rent a car and travel viewing the exotic sightseen.

Socialise – To socialise or to engage with a local in a city, buy a ‘round’ in the pub – In Ireland, there is a custom to buy drinks in a ‘round’. To show a warm friendly gesture, it is always good to buy a ‘round’. It is good option to indulge in the conversation with the local.

Be adventurous – Along with the celebrated sights, do visit some underrated sights that  gives the actual cultural glimpse of the society –  the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry are few of the must visit in Ireland. However, do include Donegal’s Slieve League Cliffs and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, in your trip.

Do eat in pubs – Ireland is known for meat and dairy products. So, it is worth spending you budget on good. Eat traditional, delicious Irish Cuisine in the pub instead of a bar.

Always smoke in the indoors – Smoking in public or enclosed workplace in Ireland, can get you in trouble and fine. Thus be sure you smoke only in indoors where it is permissible.

Tipping after drinking or dining – Ireland has a culture of imposing service tax. However, the city does have a tipping culture. It is just a little add-on for the service providers on the table.

Indulge in tax-free shopping – In Ireland, one can shop tax-free. There are many shops displaying tax-free products for the tourists. Try some of them; you can surely get good souvenir.

A ‘Thank You’ to a public transport driver –  Ireland follows a culture of using greeting ‘Thank You’ while getting off the bus or any other public transport. Try to follow the practice to avoid harsh look from the co-passengers.

Respect their traditions – “St Patrick’s Day” is a “St Patrick’s Day” – Keep the “St Patrick’s Day” as “St Patrick’s Day” only, shortening to ‘St Patty’s Day’ is taken as the offense and is criticized by the locals.

The Rural is as beautiful as Urban – The Ireland rural area is as charming as the urban area. Therefore, do visit the places other than Dublin to get the actual feel of the land.

Don’ts while traveling to Ireland

Avoid stating Ireland as the British Isles – While conversing with the local make sure you don’t make Ireland, a part of ‘British or British Isles’. The locals feel offended being considered as the part of British Isles.

Ignore the swear words – The Irish are known for swearing in their normal conversation. So, if you indulge in conversation with local don’t be offended by the swear word as it is their way of conversing.

Don’t leave warmer or raincoat – Ireland climate can be a mystery for the newbies. It can be breezing, cold and raining, all in the same day, so, don’t forget to carry the umbrella or a raincoat.

Avoid portraying leprechauns figure –The leprechauns image is often taken in a negative connotation by the localities thus its good to avoid carry an image of the bearded fairy.

Don’t hesitate – Don’t hesitate in making a mistake while conversing in the Irish language. Making a mistake while conversing in the Irish language is very common. Not all can carry the conversation with the right pronunciation. Therefore, don’t hesitate or wonder about using wrong pronunciation.

Avoid ordering “Irish Car Bomb” in pubs and bars – The famous drink of the American bars isn’t that famous in Ireland. It is often considered as offensive, as the locals associate it with a lot of trouble.

Don’t drink and drive – Ireland follows some very strict rules relating to driving when drunk. Thus if you plan to drink in the bar and drive, don’t do it. It can get you in real trouble.

Avoid flaunting Irish accent if you don’t have one – until and unless you don’t have Irish accent it is good not to attempt it. It is taken in a very way by the locals.

Don’t use massive Sea World ponchos – The weather of the city is not that rainy. So, there is no use of carrying and wearing massive ponchos on a rainy day.

Don’t get into the false tourist sightseeing – There are many sites like ‘Guinness Warehouse’that actually don’t hold any tourist value. It is better to refrain from such gimmicks and get into some worthy sightseeing.

These are just a few of the tips for making traveling to Ireland fun-filled.The geological richness and romanticism Ireland display are one of its kind. The traditional music, literature and historical architecture are the awestruck attraction that adds to the interest for the first time travelers. Plan your trip to Ireland in such a way that rather than rushing through the city, you get to know the soul of the place.Knowing the city in real is a real experience that stays for forever.

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