Florence also known as the cradle of the Renaissance is a famous tourist attraction site Italy. It has unique hill topography and attractive villages and town that can be accessed by taking a short trip.

Florence offers various transports, stoppings and other activities that you can incorporate during your vacation. There are many tourist destinations near Florence that you can visit either by bus, car or any other means that you may need. Day trips from Florence give you a chance to explore and have fun while enjoying the beautiful sceneries.

The following are the best day trips from Florence

1. Pisa

Pisa is a heroic city in Italy and is one of the favorite cities that you should visit. It is an excellent choice for a day trip from Florence that is worth taking. It is a remarkable city to stay as it provide many sites, one of them being the legendary leaning tower found on the Western Coast.

With a population of 9,000, Pisa is one of the smallest towns in Italy but yet remains an important and influential as visitors flock here every time. Pisa has historic buildings and over 20 ancient churches.

Nevertheless, it has museums and gorgeous scenery beside the banks of River Arno. This city is an excellent base for those who have been wishing to explore and not just to have a quick visit.

2. Siena

Siena is one of the favorite cities in the central part of Italy. It is a place where tourist visits during their journey to Tuscany. Siena is famous for its narrow streets, brick buildings and Palio which take place two times each year.

Furthermore, Siena is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO. It is surrounded by beautiful and amazing places that one can visit. One of them is the Piazza del Campo, this is a place where the famous Palio Horse Race takes place each year on July 2nd and August.

Other places that you cannot miss to visit include the baptistery, the Cathedral, and the breathtaking Torre del Mangia.

3. Livorno

Livorno is a perfect place for those people who want to lay back and relax. This city in Italy has the third largest port in the country that plays a vital role in the economy. It hosts a variety of cruise ships which brings a lot of visitors to this destination.

There are various things in Livorno that are fascinating, one of them is the large port that offers an opportunity to view the magnitude of its operation as it docks and offloads passengers from different parts. You can also see the Venezza where you will be able to have a look at different canals in the streets.

4. Val d’Orcia

It is an excellent place to take a day trip from Florence. This area derives its name from the Orcia River that encompasses it. One of the must see in Val d’Orcia is the beautiful Romanesque a best example of middle age monastic architecture.

From museums, abbeys and Val d’Orcia is an excellent place to relax and have a delicious, unique cheese made with sheep’s milk, commonly known as the cheese of Pienza. Visiting Val d’Orcia will be a trip that you will never forget after having one of a kind vacation that will blow your mind.

5. San Gimignano

Also known as the Medieval Manhattan, San Gimignano is one of the beautiful villages in Tuscany. You can’t fail to take a day trip from Florence to this place as it is only 1 hour by road. One of the place that is a must see in San Gimignano is the Porta San Gimignano which has gorgeous ancient doors that any tourist would love to explore.

Piazza Della Cistern is also a beautiful square where you get to see the big Cistern that was built in the old days. Sam Gimignano has various towers like the Grossa Tower, Rognosa Tower, Chigi Tower among many others.

6. Volterra

It is a walled town located in the southwest region of Florence, in Italy. Volterra is a famous for its Etruscan origins and the many remains that were left during the era.

During the 4th Century BC, the town was fortified by a 7, 300m long walls all around, to protect it from foreign invasion and the surrounding fountains as well. Tourists visit this wonderful town to see the majestic proactive walls together with Porta dell Arco and Porta Diana, the two gates that people use to enter the city.

There also remains that any visitor would love to see like the Roman Theatre which is built in a magnificent shape.

7. Montepulciano

This is a highly recommended medieval town in Tuscany. Montepulciano has a lot of stylish Renaissance palaces, traditional churches, beautiful squares and many other places you can visit. While in this charming town you can explore the gorgeous Pienza, the thermal village of Bagno Vignon and the popular Montalcino where you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation in a concise time.

Since the release of the Vampire Saga film which was shot in this town, it has dramatically been receiving guests from all over the world. Montepulciano is also famous for its Vino Nobile across the globe.

8. Arezzo

Arezzo is the one of the affluent city in Tuscan, Italy. It is well known for its tradition in good-smithery. Arezzo has a lot of ancient churches, monuments, and museums where visitors can get a chance to learn about history. If you are visiting Tuscany make sure to visit Arezzo, it is just one and a half hour from Florence.

You will also get unique items to buy in Arezzo like old the telephone, ornate grand-fathers clocks among many others. These items you can get them at the Piazza Grande main square. Cafes and restaurants are also available in Piazza and Grande where you can grab a bite.

9. Cortana

It is among the oldest hill towns in Tuscany situated 500m above sea level giving you an opportunity to have an incredible view of the Val di Chiana. It is a home of great artists like Luca Signorelli and Beato Angelico.

Cortana has old museums which have collections of bronze and funerary that you can visit.

10. Mugello

If you love nature and want to spend time outdoors, Mugello is the perfect place. With Sieve River, green valleys and mountains, Mugello provide beautiful sceneries to have that vacation that you have been longing all this while.

It is an excellent place to inspire art and capture the beauty of the surroundings. Visit the Castello of Vespignano where you will see the remains of the five towers and medieval church.

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