This small Island Nation of Iceland is presently considered one of the calmest and peaceful places in the world. But every other country has their share of uniqueness to consider. Iceland is a ridiculously beautiful nation and is pretty much unexplored. But that doesn’t mean it is under-developed or backward. It is very much a developed nation. With, educated people, a booming economy and low population rate it’s one of the great places to settle down.

If you are coming from anywhere in Europe, then Iceland might not look shocking to you in certain areas. But if you do not belong from Europe, then there are some cultural differences that might be confusing for you. Here are 10 Cultural shocks you will face in Iceland.

1. The population here is pretty small

Unlike any other country in the world, Iceland enjoys a low rate of population. The whole country enjoys only 330,000 people of permanent residency. Thus, there are high chances that you might get recognized by somebody. You practically have no option to hide. As per the area of the country, the population is lower than the average. The capital city of Reykjavik in itself is a place where people might end up recognizing you. It is of course not even closely possible for a commoner in any other part of the world.

2. The guilt of not using the sun so well

Ok, you might be thinking why you would even feel guilty about the sun when the world is suffering from Global Warming. Well, it is different in Iceland where getting to enjoy the sun is a distant dream. The weather here is dull, cloudy and misty most of the time. Thus, whenever “Sun” does make an appearance each and everybody takes full advantage of the shine. So, if you sleepover a weather which has sun involved in it then you might end up feeling guilty and might even lament over it.

3. The air is so fresh

Not a common thing to encounter around the world these days. But guess what? Iceland has tons of it. The place is still undiluted with pollution and thanks to the low population of course. So, unlike any other countries, the moment you step in Iceland take a deep breath for a gush of fresh air.

4. 24×7 shops are hard to find

It might be because of various things such as low population, weather conditions or so less need. The shops here open early and close early too. There are lesser chances of getting any shop that stays open all night. Even some grocery shops stay closed from Saturday evening, all through Sunday and then opens up on Monday morning. So, you need to stack up your necessities or might not find any essentiality during any emergencies.

5. Icelandic people are artistically sound

It is an interesting find that most of the Icelandic individuals are specialized in some or the other art. Some might be great in singing whereas another one might be a great carpenter. This is not a common phenomenon anywhere in the world. But people here have a neck towards getting a hold over some or the other specialty. This particular quality might be one of the reasons that Icelandic people are so happy.

6. Icelanders don’t believe in small talk

It is one of those countries where you will need time to get acclimatized to people around you. People in Iceland don’t talk to strangers. They don’t like to have random conversations with somebody they don’t know about. So, naturally, you will need a lot to persuade them. Trust and effort are necessary before you actually start having a conversation. So, if you think that striking conversation with strangers comes easily to you then you might need to give it a thought when Icelanders are around.

7. No need to freak out about time

One of the best things that Icelandic people are calm about is time. Unlike most of the developed parts of the world, people here don’t freak out about time. It might seem odd at first but with time you are sure to get used to it. Even if people here are late about something, then also they will look quiet and sedated.

It’s a skill that is hard to accomplish but people here have it. There are various reasons that contribute to this particular factor. One of the factors is the small population of the country and the second is the majority of this population resides in Reykjavik.

8. No Public Transport

It might sound strange but actually, there are not many public means of transport available in Iceland. There are no public buses, trains or subways. There are taxis though but to avail those you have to book those on a prior basis. You won’t find taxis at a stone’s through and that makes it pretty difficult at times. But that is far better than getting sandwiched between people in public transports. You get to sit in a comfortable seat and enjoy the journey.

9. The water here is so clean

When in Iceland you won’t need to buy bottled water. Even water purifiers are not needed. Just a swivel of the tap and you can actually drink that water. That’s a distant dream in the majority of the countries worldwide where drinking water is a problem. With, a clean environment and low population bottled water are not needed.

10. No need to be conscious about fashion

It is mostly winter in Iceland around the year so you won’t be able to showcase much of your clothing collection. Even people in Iceland don’t care about your fashion goals. You are free to wear something same or different. All you need in Iceland are clothes that can help you survive the cold temperature.

There is no hard and fast rule that there won’t be any difference of opinions in the above cultural differences. But that’s how the majority people in Iceland lead their life. So, if Iceland is in your lists of the country to visit or settle then take the above list in consideration. It might come to a great help.

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