This small island with a bunch of beauty is always the visitor’s delight when it comes to tourism. Sometimes people say, in Ireland, ‘green is greener’. With the fact, you can assume the natural splendor of this country. Known for its stunning beauty, Ireland greets the visitors with same splendor all year round. No matter what the season is, you’ll find it with same allure. Though it is not big in size, it never fails to impress its visitors. Sometimes, it impresses and sometimes, it shocks. Yes, the cultural shocks.  Every country has its own cultural shocks. Right? Well, so has Ireland. Let’s discuss them in details.

1. Forget driving on the right

You must have been trained to drive on the right. Right? Well, this rule goes same in most of the countries but forget this in Ireland. Yes, in Ireland, you should drive on the left. If you’re on a trip, then you can survive without driving. 1-2 week is not much time. But in case, you’re going for your higher studies, start training yourself driving on the left. It would be good for you.

2. Don’t forget layers when you step outside

The weather is extremely unreliable in Ireland. It might be clear when you outside and in just a moment, it might rain cats and dogs. So, before stepping outside, make sure you have worn the layers and are ready to combat with the rain. And yes, never ever forget to carry an umbrella with you. Though the weather is uncertain in Ireland but one thing is sure that it will be pleasant all the time. Seriously, this cloudy weather is just so romantic.

3. Service charge with bills

So, you’re a son of a rich father. Then, I’m sure you can give out any amount of money to the waiter just as a tip. But if you need to take care of your pocket money, be careful while giving out tip because in Ireland, most of the restaurants add service charge automatically to the final bill. So before giving the tip, check your bill twice else you’ll end giving service charge twice.

4. Leave your two-pronged plug at your home

This one is really shocking. In Ireland, you would see three-pronged plug everywhere. You would hardly find a socket where your two-pronged plug would work. So, be in safe side. Either carry a European plug adapter with you or get all the chargers of three-pronged. You can also buy a three-pronged Irish adapter. It will make the things easier.

5. Love coffee? But don’t expect coffee refill

So, you love coffee? Cool. Majority of people chose coffee over the tea but the case is not same in Ireland. Here, people find a hot cup of tea more refreshing. Maybe, this is why refilling the cup of coffee once you have finished it is not a trend here. So, once you have finished your cup of coffee, don’t waste your time waiting for the waitress to come and refill your cup with extra coffee. Just don’t!

6. You would hardly find a person speaking Irish

Yes, their mother tongue is Irish but you would hardly find a person speaking the same. Especially, the younger generation! They use English as their first language in the conversation. If you want to listen Irish, you would need to search an oldie. Only they use their mother tongue in daily conversations. You can see Irish written only on officially documents else there is English everywhere.

7. Insane drinking culture

Irish people are just crazy about the drinking. Whether they’re happy or they’re sad, a glass of wine is just all what they need. Be it a marriage celebration or the funeral ceremony, they just need a reason to drink.  According to a research, 99% Irish drink alcohol. There if you refuse to drink, they might take you in a sarcastic way. And one more thing, after 10 PM, you can’t purchase alcohol in shops.

8. No shops opened on Charismas

So, you plan to celebrate the New Year eve in Ireland. Great! In fact, you should spend the entire Charismas week there. This is the festive season in Ireland. You can see everybody energetic and happy. The enthusiasm of Charismas is so much in Ireland that it is a completely off day in the country. Even if there is an emergency, you would hardly find any shop opened. So, make sure to get all the stuff a day before so that you don’t have to walk around in an empty market.

9. You’re not so punctual? No problem

In today’s high-paced world where every jiffy of moment is utilized, you would barely find a punctual person in this world. If you also have the habit of getting 5-10 minutes late all the time, you’ll love Ireland. Here, people are not so punctual. They do the things with the ease. If you make somebody wait for 5-10 minutes, they won’t mind it and you shouldn’t do it either if this happens to you.

10. Dublin is too expensive

Every Irish screams out loudly that Dublin, the backbone of Ireland, is too expensive. If you don’t have much budget, I won’t suggest you to stay over in Dublin. You can stay in a nearby city and explore Ireland. Be it the food or the anything else, Dublin is way too costly as compared to the rest of the country. It is indeed a city for the rich people.

So, these were the top 10 cultural shocks that you might face in Ireland. There are a lot more things that you would experience for the first time in Ireland but these are the significant ones. If you’re planning a trip to Ireland any time soon, be prepared.

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