The best time to visit Bermuda is March and April. The peak time of tourists is May to October. The period is the busiest season for Bermuda. If you love golf, winter is your time. Actually, there is no winter and no rainy season in this island. Bermuda is in the Atlantic Oceans. The Ocean temperature is mild in summers. The temperature is not as hot as that of the islands of Caribbean’s. You can enjoy the island round the clock. There is no bad weather here. There are many sightseeing option along your trails. You can see a number of museums, monuments and the UNESCO Slave route project. If you are there on Easter, don’t miss to capture the colorful kites show at the Horseshoe Bay.

The crowd is filled with excitements all the times year round. The arrangements and bookings should be done in advance to travel to Bermuda. You can explore the beaches and other picturesque locations of Bermuda. Winters are bearable and enjoyable here. You can enjoy many outdoor sports activities including tennis and golf. Bermuda is a perfect holiday destination for families.

Winter Season (November to February)

You can feel a mild temperature in Bermuda. The average temperature remains 200 C.  Rainfall is frequent in this season. Many international events and tournaments are organized in January. Winters are the time to dance with Gombey.  You can find them dancing on the New Years Eve. The troupe is a blend of many cultures. This time is perfect to enjoy the water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

The hotel rooms are easily available and you can save a lot of pennies. You can be a part of the dramatic Boat Parade in Hamilton Harbor. You will get inspired by the lighting at the tree ceremony. Swimming is not that easier but you can still enjoy the beaches. The main attractions during this season are the dolphin show, craft market, Rum Cake Company, and Tom Moore’s Jungle.

You can also visit aquariums, museums and zoo at Bermuda. You will love kayaking, Jet Ski, Safari, and many other sports activities. The Kite surfing is one of my favorite things to do in winters here. Many special events are held on Christmas Eve in various parts of the island. You can enjoy Christmas walkabout, boat parade and many more.

Spring Season (March and April)

The most pleasant time to visit Bermuda is spring. This is a less crowded time for enjoying the island. The average temperature is 700 F.  You can make your visit memorable at the Easter celebrations in this season. You can enjoy the International Volleyball Tournament. Many attractions including Ducking Stool, St. Peter’s Church and St. George attract a lot of visitors from various regions of the world. You can enjoy most of the daytime. This season has the least amount of rain. This is an ideal time for hiking. You should take any railway track as the hiking trail. Don’t miss the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse if you love climbing. This breathtaking lighthouse is one of the first lighthouses made of cast iron.

You can rent a pedal cycle and check your strengths on the accessible trails. There are many more water activities waiting for you in the city. This is an ideal time for scuba divers. You may find rich time to explore the natural beauty of the island. The best thing you have in spring is whale watching. You can enjoy hiking on the lush green trails with your partners.

Summer Season (May to October)

This is the peak time to visit Bermuda. The average temperature is around 70 0 F. This is also the most expensive time for enjoying this island. If you still want to feel the luxury, you should book your tickets and reserve the hotel room several months in advance. You can witness many big events and matches in summer season. The most sought-after attraction is the Underwater Exploration Institute.

You can take a virtual foot dive in a shark cage, plan a tour to the Fantasy caves, and enjoy the famous Rum Sizzles. You will fall in love with the erstwhile bottle of perfume. If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t miss the Rum Cakes and other sweet treats. A lot of Grand Slams and Golf events happen in this time. This is an amazing time to enjoy outdoor adventures including Bike riding and Mountain bicycle race. You may find many easy trails as well as the difficult ones here.

June, July and August are the most crowded time at the beaches of this island. Bermuda has very few chances of hurricanes. You can enjoy many beach activities. Snorkeling is the best option among them. This is also a good time for fishing. July is the month of the famous Billfish Blast and the release cup.

Special Season

You can find a plenty of festivals in Bermuda. You can pick one of your choices. Bermuda has something for all most everyone. Christmas is an amazing time to visit Bermuda for various events held in St. George and Hamilton. You can witness the Bermuda International Film Festival in March. If you are passionate about Rugby, November is the perfect time for you.

Bermuda day is considered as the Commonwealth day. This day is to welcome summers to enjoy the water activities. The most sought-after event on this island is the Gombey Festival. This is the Afro-Caribbean dance form in vivacious costumes.

So, the best time to visit Bermuda is totally depends on your choices. The island organizes many celebrations year round. You can select from the festivals of performing arts in January to the retreat ceremony in May. Don’t miss the magical show of underwater fireworks. This is the gift from the glow worms of the Island.

Bermuda is a lovable island. You can find all things under one roof. This is a perfect holiday destination with family. Check out the weather conditions and the hotel rentals in advance.

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