Ireland is the third largest island in Europe. It is a small beautiful country to explore. Ireland has a plenty of picturesque landscapes, super green hills, and happy and prosperous locals. You can enjoy enormously if you know the best time to visit Ireland. A trip to Ireland can give you a phenomenal experience.

The climate of Ireland is good at any time of the year. But the best time to visit Ireland is the months of June to August. The temperature of Ireland is a bit higher in these months than the winters. The June to August period is the warmest and the crowded time to visit Ireland.

The capital city, Dublin is the most beautiful fun place to visit. There is a special aroma in the air of the glamorous city, with a lot of pubs and music. The glittering nightlife of the cities of Ireland seduces you with its exotic flavors and rocking music.

Apart from the lively nightlife, it has a lot to offer in the daylight. You will get a chance to kiss the famous Blarney stone. You can enjoy the adventures at the Cliff of Moher.

Ireland has picturesque castles, historical Churches, and the diverse wildlife. The beautiful castles, churches, and beautiful cities like Dublin. It has a lot more to offer you. But make sure that you are ready for the frequent changes in the temperature of Ireland. The country has consistent rainfall, so don’t forget your Umbrella and raincoat. Ireland is majorly known for the Saint Patrick who had converted this country to Christianity. It is also famous for its education, rugby, literature and the alcoholic drinks Guinness.

Ireland is super famous for its festivals. It has a plenty of festivals in its bucket, the music festival, the seafood festival, the amazing matchmaker festival, the 12 pubs of Christmas festival, the literature festival and many more.

Best Time to Visit Ireland

The best time to visit Ireland might vary with your choice of whether you want to experience a calm Ireland or you want to travel along with the crowd. Go through the article “the best time to visit Ireland” until its end before planning a trip to Ireland. The best time to visit the beautiful island country for most of the tourists is the summers. This is the most crowded and indeed the costliest time to visit Ireland.

Here I divided the whole year into four seasons depending on the climate conditions and average temperature, availability, and affordability. So as you can easily cross-check and ascertain your best time to visit Ireland.

The January and February are the coldest seasons, so not favorable for most of the tourists. Some shops and Hotels closed as there are few vagabonds left in Ireland after Christmas.

The March is the changing season, the national holiday of Ireland and the St Patrick’s month indeed. The April spring season changes the air of Ireland. Tourists started to plan their trips. The exceptionally crowded season is July and August. The peak commercialized Ireland Tourism is quite busy during this season.

The November is an offbeat month for traveling. December come with fun and frolics for Christmas Celebrations in a hasty manner.

Most Crowded Season (April-August)

The best time to visit Ireland for a lot of tourists around the world is the warmer season. The temperature grows and spring season begins in April. The hotel prices start increasing from May. Rain is the constant season in Ireland. But a typical rain doesn’t last long.

You can enjoy the sightseeing at vibrant landscapes as the temperature is pleasant. And the time to enjoy in daylight is more. The average temperature is around 130C. The busiest time for Ireland is July- August. The prices are at the peak. This time is the summer holidays for most of the student visitors. There are a plenty of amazing castles in Ireland.

If you are the one who want to be a part of peak time crowd, you can enjoy the famous cultural festival, art festival, and water festival. The June cultural festival is dedicated to novels of James Joyce. You can visit the International Art Festival in July. And the water festival and boat races are the attraction in August.
This is the jam-packed season, so most commercialize season for Ireland people. Book hotels at earliest, you can easily book for hotels and other activity online.

Best things to do in this season are –

  • There are plenty of places to visit in Ireland as the weather is favorable. You can enjoy a lot of sightseeing, water activities, and festivals.
  • The food in Ireland is delicious. You forgot your dieting once you tasted the Irish Chocolates.
  • Take a boat Cruise on the river Shannon, Explore the picturesque cliffs of Moher, Spend a night in the Castle, Watch whales at the West Cork.
  • The beautiful churches, museums, and Killarney National park is waiting for you. If you are in Dublin, don’t miss a visit to the Guinness Storehouse.
  • Don’t dare to miss the Skellig Michael if you are a fan of Star War. You can enjoy the water parks and adventures like hiking, cycle riding, horse riding, and climbing.

Less Crowded Season (September and October)

This time to visit Ireland is not exceptionally crowded. The September is the month when most of the tourist see off the beautiful cities with a lot of memories. The temperature changes and decreases to an extent that people start closing the sites in October.

September is the less crowded season. You can enjoy Skiing, Wildlife Boat tours, Marine journeys. October is the calm and the colder time to enjoy for people who don’t like crowded places. But don’t worry the temperature doesn’t freeze you. You can enjoy bit sunlight during daytime. It is bound to rain anytime here.

Hotel prices drop. You can easily avail the hotels and restaurant booking at fewer prices indeed. You can enjoy the food festivals, the Galway Oysters, the Kinsale Gourmet Festival in this time. If you love Jazz then this is your time to visit Ireland. The Jazz music attracts tourist to Cork city.

Best things to do in this season are –

  • The best things to do in Ireland in September and October month are sightseeing at the Baltimore Beacon, the cliffs in Donegal. You can enjoy the ride in jaunting car through Killarney. This is the top tourist attraction in Ireland.
  • If you are here in September, don’t miss to visit the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival. You can get your love in the Matchmaking Bar in this festival. This is the longest festival last for the whole month of September.
  • Don’t miss the sunset at the Cliffs of Moher. The weather is cold and it is changing every minute in Ireland.
  • If you visit here in October, you can enjoy the luxurious resort and Spa here in Ireland. The Galway Oyster Festival is the longest European Seafood festival. You can enjoy this delicious festival with street parades, fun flowing Champagne and creamy stouts.

Off Beat Season (November –January-February)

This time is for those who don’t feel like the tourist but as wanderers. The offbeat people around the world who eagerly want to explore the unexplored spots. Some hotels of the cities may close, but I am sure you can find your place. November is the wettest month and the average temperature is around 100C.

The average temperature in January and February is the lowest around 60C. You can enjoy the traditional music festivals at the end of January. The warmer season is brutal, but snow is not usual. If you have no problem with the chilly weather, you can jump in. But the best thing is the airfares and accommodation price is very less. You can enjoy your trip to Ireland on budget.

Visit the Trinity College, St. Michan’s Mummies. Try the unique food and drinks in Ireland. You will love the traditional music of Irish People.

Best things to do at this time are –

  • You don’t need any manual or list of things to be done as you enjoy things your way. You love to travel in offbeat seasons so you might like to explore some untouched beauty of Ireland.
  • The Connemara area is an unspoiled natural beauty of Ireland. If you love photography, you can get a lot to capture here. Take some extra battery or memory card with you when you are packing for Ireland.
  • You could absorb the history and mystery of Ireland by visiting the national museum.
  • You can enjoy the national park and meet the wildlife there. You might not like to spend your day around people, enjoying the nightlife in a different country. You will find a bucket of stuff to explore and to absorb.

Festive Season (March and December)

Ireland has a lot of festivals in March. 17th March is the National Holiday in Ireland. It is celebrated as the St Patrick’s Day. If you are there in March, you can enjoy the lively people, the party like atmosphere with music in the air. Rain is constant in Ireland. The best part of Ireland festivals are the lovely and friendly locals.

The coldest month end of December is the Christmas Festive Season. The city is decorated with glittering lights, Christmas markets.

You can easily avail the hotels, but it is better to book before you reach here in the festive season. Ireland has a plenty of festivals throughout the year. But the chief festival is St Patrick’s Day.

The festival season shows the true colors of Irish people. They are very friendly. The main attractions of festivals are the traditional parade, music, dance, lights and vibrant nightlife. The charm of the local people and tourist is at the peak.

Best things to do in Festival Season are –

  • This is the time of festivals. So the best thing is to enjoy the festivals. If you are in Ireland for Christmas celebration, then there is a huge surprise for you. The 12 pubs of Christmas is an event that becomes an Irish Tradition in recent years.
  • Imagine yourself in the over bright flashy clothes and you have to visit 12 different pubs with 12 funny and strict rule that you have to abide by while visiting the pubs.
  • The rules are quite weird like to hug a stranger and take a selfie with him. You are not allowed to speak to the bar staffs. This is rather funny Christmas that you ever celebrated.
  • You will never forget a Christmas Eve like this one if you became a part of this 12 pub event. Go plan a trip this December as you know that you want to be a part of it.


You might have got your best time to visit Ireland. It is better to prepare yourself as per the weather conditions before you go to the trip to Ireland. Rain is constant throughout the year. The coldest is the January whereas the warmest is the April.

The sunniest time is June to August. Weather keeps on changing here. You can explore more in the daytime, so the most crowded season is for one who wants to explore more.

If you are deciding to come here for your honeymoon, you can choose a calmer less crowded season. You can enjoy the sightseeing and the best time in the beautiful hotel room with your loved ones.

Ireland has numerous green sceneries, picture perfect Castles, luxurious resorts and hotels, and wildlife. You can enjoy every single minute in the beautiful city of Dublin.

From the wild Atlantic way to the Dingle peninsula, you fall in love with the country. Most of the tourist plan for a week tour, but still they don’t return with a contented soul. They are missing a lot more to cross-check on their list.

The best time to visit Ireland is the warmer season. This is the crowded and the costliest time in Ireland but you can enjoy to your fullest.

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