What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Every bachelorette trip starts with this sentence and Las Vegas perfectly respects that decision. By default, Las Vegas is an expensive place to set your foot in, and there’s no best time to visit Las Vegas if you are there to have fun. But the scenario might change if you are visiting Vegas with a purpose of travelling and exploring, you might want to pin down a certain date range in your calendar.

However, if you ask the question in reverse, i.e. can there be any bad time to visit Vegas? Well, yes there can be! The Sin City can go quite rough on you for some months if you have plans to go out in Vegas during the daytime as well. And to help out those tourists, we have enlisted some important points to be noted while you are planning to visit Vegas. Let us have a look.

Seasonal changes in Vegas

Just like any other American city, Vegas has four main seasons, i.e. summer, autumn, winter and spring. However, Las Vegas is a little warmer than any of the cities in America which makes it travel-friendly during the winter time. Thus, before planning out a trip to Vegas, it is better to know a little about Las Vegas’s season first, isn’t it?

1. Summer (June to August)

Abort mission! Summer is the worst season one can ever pick to visit Vegas. With a temperature of 40ºC or more, summer is the season in Vegas when you are going to sweat like a pig all the time unless you are in AC. The humidity in the air goes through the roof during these three months. However, lots of families visit Vegas during summer; thus you are not going to have a nice hotel deal as well. It is not a time to take a stroll around the city street. The only time you can go out of your hotel room is during the night when the temperature is quite bearable.

2. Autumn (September to November)

With a soothing temperature of 30ºC, autumn is one of the best times to visit Vegas. The summer heat cools off during the middle of September, and the rush of tourists settle a little too. Also, autumn is the time to witness different festivals in Las Vegas such as the food festival, music festival etc. Not to mention, you can get hotels at a much cheaper rate during the months of spring as well.

3. Winter (December to February)

Just like the summer season, winter is another rush time in Las Vegas. The only difference between summer and winter in Vegas is the temperature. With a freezing temperature of 4ºC to 15ºC, Vegas needs heavy winter garments during the months of December to February. However, because of the crowd and high demand, you need to make a very early reservation for all the things such as flights, hotels etc. Again, the hotel rates go through the roof during the time of the winter. Winter is the best time to take a stroll around the city streets and alleys.

4. Spring (March to May)

Just like autumn, spring is another best time to visit Las Vegas without any prior bookings. As the winter crowd settles, spring brings out a different Vegas where you can get cheaper hotel deals and emptier city streets. With a soothing temperature of 20ºC to 25ºC, it is not quite a struggle to beat the heat. However, as the sun sets, the temperature might drop down to 10ºC sometimes; thus it is better to pack a few winter clothes during the springtime. Also, springtime witnesses many events in Vegas such as Billboard Music Awards, NASCAR Weekends etc.

Best time to visit Vegas

1. High Season in Vegas

Although Las Vegas does not have any particular high season or low season summer and winter can be considered as the high seasons of Vegas. The crowd thickens at the time of the summer vacations and at the time of New Year. The high season will not always get you the best weather of Vegas. It is not a great time to visit Vegas if you are looking for cheap hotel deals.

2. Less crowded season

The less crowded or the shoulder season in Vegas can be marked as the late spring or the early summer time. The rush of the previous season has just settled in; thus you will get a good hotel deal. You may not enjoy the biggest discounts but shoulder season is a great time to take a light city stroll.

3. Offbeat season in Las Vegas

The most offbeat season in Las Vegas is the middle of July. Most of the people avoid the scorching heat of the summer at any cost. Thus you will get the biggest discounts on hotel deals if you can tolerate the heat. Also, you will find the pubs and casinos quite empty during this summer season as well.

4. Festive season

Las Vegas always has something going on! But if you want to witness the greatest events in Las Vegas, the beginning of March is the best time to travel to Vegas. From different music festivals to big parties, Las Vegas retains this form throughout the whole spring season.

However, summer is not the only time when you can witness such international events in Las Vegas. In the months of September to February, you will surely witness some of the best festivals and big events in Las Vegas such as Music and Art Festival, Las Vegas BikeFest, Las Vegas Marathon, New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas Bowl and many more.

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Las Vegas is a city full of surprises! You have to visit this city in person to experience the craze. And as far as seasons are concerned, just choose spring or autumn, and you will be perfectly fine. However, inspect the above lists carefully and get your visas done. Happy Vacation!