Udaipur is a city in the state of Rajasthan with a rich historical background. In earlier times, Udaipur used to be the capital of the Mewar Kingdom. The city’s foundation dates back to 1959 and it was initiated by Maharana Udai Singh II. The city is most famous for the royal architecture that runs rampant in the streets. A number of royal residencies are present in Udaipur, and they attract huge crowds of tourists year after year.

Udaipur is also known as the “city of lakes” for a very obvious reason. The lake system in Udaipur makes for some of the most beautiful aquatic landscapes in the entire country. The culture of Udaipur is yet another factor that draws travel enthusiasts to this city. The historically rich streets of Udaipur have numerous stories to tell, and the only way to hear them is to explore beyond the contours of sophisticated itineraries.

Now, let’s discuss the best time to visit the Udaipur

Well, to sort out the above-mentioned purpose, the following seasonal analysis of Udaipur’s climate would be of great help:

March – June

These months mark the summer season in Udaipur. The weather during this time period is quite intense. The heat is almost unbearable as the temperature tends to range from 40 to 45 degree Celsius. The only reason to visit Udaipur during the summers would be to witness the Mewar festival that happens during the months of March and April.

Well, another reason for a visit to Udaipur during March could be the Holi festival. Udaipur celebrates Holi at a grand scale, and being a part of that festival will give you a rich taste of the country as well as the city’s culture.

July – October

This is the time period most suitable for budget travelers. These months mark the Monsoons in Udaipur as well as the off-season for the city’s tourism industry. Therefore, you’re likely to find some great discounts if you make a trip to Udaipur during these months.

The money you save on accommodation can be spent on other activities. For example, you can get a taste of the city’s culture at Hathi Pol Bazaar. There is no better way to get to know a city’s culture than to visit its markets. The Hathi Pol Bazaar in Udaipur is one of the most famous markets in all of Rajasthan.

The traditional goods displayed in the marketplace are guaranteed to grab your attention to an impeccable extent. The longer you stay in the Bazaar, the more likely it is for you indulge in some old-school traditional shopping.

Furthermore, the Hathi Pol Bazaar is the perfect place to collect a souvenir that will help you reminisce your time in Udaipur.

Also, given the decreased influx of tourists, you wouldn’t need to worry about overcrowded attractions. A visit to Bagore Ki Haveli makes sense during these months. If you’ve read anything at all about Udaipur, you’d be aware of the fact that it is a city known for its majestic establishments.

Bagore Ki Haveli is one of them. It used to be a mansion in earlier times but now stands tall as a museum. Entry into this museum is pretty cheap. By spending a minimal amount of INR 25, you’d be able to gaze at various cultural attractions present in the place. Art enthusiasts cannot afford to keep Bagore Ki Haveli out of their itineraries.

Another fun thing that you can do during these months is visiting Lake Pichola. It is an environmental wonder that is hard to miss. Visiting this lake will make you feel as if you have entered a cinematic universe. A way to further enhance your sightseeing experience of the Pichola Lake is to sign up for a boat cruise.

November – February

The winter season in Udaipur is quite pleasant and provides a much-appreciated relief from the intense climatic conditions for travelers belonging to hill-stations.

Furthermore, these months mark the on-season for Udaipur’s tourism industry. The temperature goes as low as 12 degree Celsius and as high as 30 degree Celsius. This climate is well-suited for sightseeing activities like taking a bird’s eye view of the Udaipur as you go to the Karni Mata Temple via the ropeway.

The Karni Mata temple is one of the most sought-out tourist attractions present in Udaipur. Pilgrims make it a point not to end their visit to Udaipur without visiting the Karni Mata temple. However, if you aren’t fascinated by the religious significance of the place, visit it anyway.

Firstly, the calming aura of the place will elevate your mood. Secondly, getting to the temple via the ropeway is just so much fun! The aerial view of the city of lakes takes you by surprise. In fact, the beauty flashing right in front of your eyes during traveling via the ropeway is too much for eyes to process in a single go. Even after you go back home, you’ll keep obsessing over the views you witnessed on your way to the Karni Mata Temple.

Regardless of the season in which you visit Udaipur, if you’re a fan of Katy Perry, you’d likely want to visit the place where she got married. The Jag Mandir Palace is the location being talked about!

That’s true! The international singing sensation had her wedding done in accordance with Indian rituals in Udaipur. Once you fixate your eyes on the palace, you’d understand the reason why Katy picked it as her wedding spot. The royal architecture will surely make you dreamy at the very least.

Also, you can also visit Udaipur during the two times of the year when Navratri is celebrated. These festivities centered on the worship of Goddess Durga are beautiful in their execution.

Typically, it is advisable to visit Udaipur during winters as the annual Shulpgram Crafts Fair happens during this season. However, you’d be wise to visit in the Monsoon season as well. To be fair, the best time to visit Udaipur is subjective, and you are the best judge of the expectations of your travel experience. The important thing is to have fun!

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