Hola España! Spain is the only country in Western Europe that smells of footballs and feeds the tourists the drunken stories of medieval Europe. Endless festivals and world-class beaches are the two things that define how fantastic Spain is. Everyone should travel to Spain at least once in a while to absorb the culture and crazy environment of this place. From Barcelona to Madrid, you will find everything either surrounded by football or heritage buildings.

But it would not be a very wise decision if you just take off to Spain without inspecting your calendar twice. It is of no doubt Spain can be magnificent throughout the year, but there are some specific times that needs special attention; especially if you are travelling there for the very first time. So, keep reading.

Seasonal changes in Spain

Unlike other countries, Spain has four dominating seasons namely — summer, winter, spring and autumn. Spain does not have any specific rainy season which makes this place a perfect destination for travellers because rain brings all the chaos with it. Let us have a little detail here.

1. Summer (June to August)

Being a country in Western Europe, Spain holds the summer season for a very little time, approximately for three months only. Throughout the whole country, the temperature in summer does not go beyond a comfortable 40ºC ever. Did you know, Spain has a perfect coastline that covers 5000 miles of this country?

Thus, despite such a high temperature, the summer-time Spain is a lively country with beaches full of people. Barcelona and San Sebastian are the two main targets of the tourists during the months of summer. From experiencing the golden sand to amazing beach sports, summer can be a very crowded place in Spain.

However, if you are travelling to Madrid, Seville or Corboda, be aware of the scorching heat and always pack light cotton clothes.

2. Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is one of the best times of the year in Spain when the temperature does not go beyond a soothing 30ºC. Thus, autumn is one of the best times to visit Spain. From wine testing to different festivals, autumn is the best time to visit the cities of Spain if you hate scorching heat.

As hot cities like Madrid or Corboda cools off, you can visit these places without the worry of getting a sun-tan. Also, the summer crowd thins out at the time of autumn; thus you can have quiet travel time in Spain as well.

3. Winter (December to February)

When the temperature drops at freezing 10ºC in Spain, the crowds automatically vanish from the streets of Spain. The north and central Spain can be really cold during the winter months in Spain. However, the southern part of Spain showcases medium temperature; thus it is a good time to visit the southern cities of Spain. Also, the ski resorts come to life at this time of the year. The beaches might be a dead-scene for travellers, but you can explore the cities during winter like nothing else.

4. Spring (March to May)

If you want to wrap the whole country of Spain under one package, Spring is the best time to visit this country. Warm weather, sunny days and long nights— you will get all the features to enjoy your time in Spain. With a comfortable temperature of 30ºC, Spring Spain will give you the best hotel deals as well. Spectacular landscapes and beach sports are two main attractions of the springtime in Spain. With little crowd roaming around the streets of Spain, it is the best time to discover the historical ruins of cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

Best times to visit Spain

1. Best time for cheap hotel rates

As you know, summer is the most crowded time in Spain, and the hotel deals go through the roof during the months of summer. Thus, if you are searching for cheap hotel deals in Spain, January and February, i.e. winter is the best time to travel to Spain. It might give you freezing bones while travelling to a northern part of Spain. But Southern Spain is an ideal place to visit during the winter time.

2. Best time for the beaches

The big coastline of Spain attracts people from all over the world to visit Spain. The rocky cliffs, golden sand and the beach sports are the three things everyone loves about Spain’s beaches. Lots of people visit the shoreline during the months of summer. However, if you want a good time to relax at the beach, the early spring is the best time to visit the beaches. You might not find a crowd at this time of the year, but you will surely find a serene sea with calm weather.

3. Best time for the cities

Summer is an absolute ‘NO’ if you are up to visiting cities of Spain. From the end of February to the beginning of May is the best time to hit the streets of cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Corboda. Not only you will find cheaper hotel deals, but you will also find it easier to roam the city streets for a longer time.

4. Best time for Traditional festivals

Spain is a country that celebrates anything and everything! With a rich cultural calendar of Spain, the best time to visit Spain for traditional festivals is the Easter time. Also, September and October are good times to witness some lively festivals as well such as La Merce in Barcelona.

5. Best time to taste local food

Spain is the only country in Europe that has a taste of different local food, and if you leave Spain without tasting their local cuisine, it would be a regret of a lifetime. Thus, spring is the best time in Spain if you are searching for lip-smacking local food in different regions of Spain. However, you will also get different fish cuisines during the months of summer.

With a list so big, it is no trouble at all to set the Spain calendar right for the next travel plan, is it? Just check the dates and adjust to your choices accordingly! Have a lovely holiday!

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