The Dark Continent! The impassable and the unexplored, Africa is still a mystery to the whole world. The unique attribute of this continent is that the Equator has divided this big continent into two parts, i.e. North Africa and South Africa. While North Africa excels at natural wonders; South Africa excels at forests and wildlife. But it is not limited to these traits only, the city life and mountains will surely catch you off-guard, no matter what!

To be honest, you cannot find a particular time to visit South Africa as you cannot set a particular time to cover half of a continent, can you? Thus, South Africa remains a year-round destination for all the travellers out there. However, it is still necessary to sketch out a little plan before penning down the dates for flight tickets, isn’t it? Well, we are here to help you out. Let us have a look.

Seasonal Changes of South Africa

Being a part of the Southern Hemisphere, South Africa showcases a different pattern of seasonal changes than the Northern Hemisphere countries. That said, you need to be a little cautious while packing bags or checking the dates unless you are from South America or Australia. Keep reading!

1. Summer (December to February)

The long hot days of summer remains in the countries of South Africa from December to February only. The temperature does not go beyond 30ºC to 33ºC in summer. Capetown is one of the popular summer destinations in South Africa. The long days and the beautiful landscape view are the best parts of summer in South Africa. The crowd might bother you, but as long as you are enjoying the beach and the nightlife, there is nothing to worry about. Also, you can take a visit to the Kruger National Park to steal a moment of the Lion and other wild animals. And if you are more into spotting birds, the afternoon is the best time when a fresh shower washes everything in green.

2. Autumn (March to May)

The autumn in South Africa stays from the month of March to May. The long hours of summer are gone, and you will find the weather getting a little chilly by the middle of May. But with the hues of autumn painting the landscapes, autumn is one of the best times to visit South Africa if you want to enjoy the nature. With little to zero humidity in the air and a soothing 25ºC, autumn is the best times to roam the streets of cities. Also, you might want to pack heavier clothes during this time as the night can get as chilly as 15ºC. The safaris are going to be pleasant, and you can finally have a crowd-free holiday.

3. Winter (June to August)

The wine time! Winter is the perfect time in South Africa if you are into wine tasting. The mornings can freeze you into her 6ºC but the afternoons are going to be quite merciful with a 23º to 25ºC temperature. Winter is really dry in South Africa. Thus, never forget to carry the essentials if you have sensitive skin. You can access as many as safaris in Kruger and Madikwe during winter months. Also, July and August is the best time to spot wild animals and different rare species of birds. Always pack heavy clothes while visiting South Africa during winter as the morning safari rides will not be an easy task otherwise.

4. Spring (September to November)

Spring is the most crowded season ever in South Africa. The West Coast of South Africa blossoms with different flowers and it is something you cannot ever unsee in your life. Also, spring is the time when you can spot the big whales up on the east coast. With a pleasant morning of 12ºC, the daytime can give you a little heat with 28 to 30ºC at best. For safari, spring is one of the best times to spot a herd of deer and the king of the jungle. But spring in South Africa can be humid. Thus, it is going to be pretty hard if you have plans of taking a stroll along the city streets.

Best Times to visit South Africa

1. The most crowded season

The most crowded season in South Africa is the summer time. With a warm and dry summer, a flock of tourists come to South Africa to enjoy the beachside parties and the morning safaris. The hotel deals go through the roofs as well. If you are planning to travel with your family, summer might be the ideal and comfortable weather to travel in.

2. Less crowded season

Because of the chilly weather, winter can be considered as the less crowded season in South Africa. Also, winter is the perfect time to go for little safaris and spot wild animals. As winter is considerably dry, the city strolls do not make you miserable. If you can book earlier, it is easy to get good hotel deals during this time of the year. But the possibility of enduring heavy shower from time to time is the one negative point of travelling South Africa during winters.

3. Offbeat season

Because of the humidity, the offbeat season in South Africa is the springtime. But it is a great time if you have a little tolerance power to suffer through sweats. The annual whale festival is being celebrated during this time, and you can spot whales by the west coastline of South Africa.

4. Festive season

Different festivals across different parts of South Africa are being celebrated throughout the whole year. However, from January to September, you can witness most of the festivals in Cape town. Also, the winter season has some of its signature festivals as well.

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It is true that South Africa is a difficult region to cover in one attempt. So many places with different weather and climates, it is not easy to get favorable weather at one particular time only. However, inspect through this list, and you will have a rough idea of when you can visit South Africa. Happy Vacation!