The best time to visit Singapore varies from person to person. Singapore stays hot and humid all the months. The city is most crowded during the period of November to early January, June and July. The international events, religious festivals, and the great Singaporean Sale attract many visitors to Singapore.

There is an insignificant difference between the summer and the winter. The world’s largest observation wheels (550 feet high) offer you a panoramic view of the country layout from Marina Bay. The average temperature of the Country remains around 31 degree C. The rainfall also remains same round the year except the period of November to January. No matter how hot and humid the weather is, tourist hardly misses the Great Singapore Sale in the month of July.

Singapore is one of the Southeast Asian nations. This is a perfect Holiday Destination for families. You can’t return from Singapore with an unsatisfied soul. People usually don’t tell the whole story about the best time to visit Singapore. Don’t go by the half-baked information. Here is a complete guide for you to decide the best time to book tickets for your Singapore tour.

November to January

These months are the wettest period of the year. Rain showers last long and are very frequent. The dripping weather cannot stop you to make a visit during this time of the year. This is in fact the most crowded time. This is the festive season and the winter vacation period in most of the countries. Don’t forget to take your umbrella when you are out.

The hotels prices are at the peak and there is no discount on the air tickets. There is not much change in the climatic conditions. You can spend your New Year Eve with delicious cuisines, and wonderful champagne. Everyone is super excited on New Year’s Big bang. It is a national holiday in Singapore.

You can also be a part of colorful chariot procession on the Hindu religious festival “Thaipusam”. It is a wonderful experience to share the religious rituals on your trip. The Chinese New Year is also one of the most vibrant events during this period. You will enjoy the music, the dance; the lights and the food; all that you want to spend a lavish holiday.

February to April

The weather is quite pleasant after winters, a plenty of outdoor activities are open for tourists. April is a good time to visit here as there is no rainfall and you can enjoy the maximum daylight hour. February has the least amount of fall and humidity is also bearable. Be prepared for the sunshine. March is pleasant, less windy and dry month. Pack your most comfortable clothes to avoid the heat.

Singapore New Year’s extravaganza event at River Hong Bao in early February is mesmerizing. The beautiful artists perform at the amazingly decorated podium with exotic fireworks.  You can also plan a surprise visit with your Valentine here. If music makes you move, this is the right time to visit here. You can get a chance to admire renowned artists at International Jazz festival.  St. Patrick’s Day street festival is yet another heartwarming fest to attract the visitors. The Air tickets and Hotel Prices are relatively cheaper in than the starting month.

May to August

This is the hottest season of Singapore. You should avoid planning to visit during this scorching hot weather. The clearing fire burn in Sumatra causes a hassle of smoke and haze. It can cause eye irritation and throat infection. Locals have to wear a mask in order to avoid the risk. If you are here in this season, you have to spend most of your time in the air conditioned malls. Only early morning and late in the evening time is suitable for going out. Forget about the outdoor activities in this season. The June-July period is also the most crowded time due to the great Singapore Sale.

All the art lovers assembled here in May to be a part of International festival of Arts. Don’t fail to witness the Dragon Boat Festival. This festival is all known as “The Dumpling Festival”. You can enjoy many delish Chinese cuisines at the Singapore Food Festival. The end of the pious month of Ramdan (for Muslim people) is celebrated as Eid festival with the traditional theme. People from various regions of the world share their festivals with full excitement and felicity.

September to October

This is known as the low season of Singapore. The number of visitors decreases gradually. Temperature is considerably higher. But if you enjoy traveling to calm locations, this time is best for you. You can find many great offers on hotel bookings and other activity charges.

The Singapore Grand Prix that happens in the mid–September attract many tourists. The graph of numbers of visitor rises again because of this event. Who wants to miss the chance to cheer his favorite F1 Racer?

You must not miss the world famous Halloween Party of Singapore. Get ready with your scary looks and costumes and be a part of it if you are here in October. The WTA Finals also held in the month of October. The most famous festival of India, “Deepavali” is celebrated with full exhilaration. The beautiful blends of all the religions make it more charismatic.

So, the best time to visit Singapore is totally depends on what you want to do there. The peak season is November to January, June and July whereas the beach and outdoor activities are most enjoyed in the period of June to August. The weather remains consistent throughout the year. If you are a Shopaholic, you must plan your visit in July. Singapore receives smoke and haze from burning fires in summers, so avoid visiting here in May or early June.

Be ready to walk, Singapore has a lot of walking trails. No matter what time of the year you plan your visit, Singapore immerses you in its multi-ethnic culture. The grand international festivals and their respective months can vary. Check the dates before you book your tickets.

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