The city with a facade! Call it modern or cosmopolitan; San Francisco is the city that has many layers to unveil. 25 million people visit this place every year for nothing, do they? Amongst many great cities scattered around the world, San Francisco is the only city that maintains its idyllic weather throughout the year. Thus, every time is the best time to visit San Francisco. But still, you have to pin down a date range to plan a vacation.

Believe what you may, but San Francisco really does not have the ‘good time to go always’ throughout the year. Depending on the weather and the crowd, this city has its favourable time when you can catch the hidden secret of San Francisco. But before we can jump to the main topic, let us circle the edge a little, shall we?

Seasonal changes in San Francisco

Many people confuse the weather of San Francisco with that of Los Angeles, but unlike Los Angeles, San Francisco has four distinct seasons which are quite easy to notice. Thus let us dig deeper into the seasons of San Francisco. Have a look.

1. Summer (June to August)

San Francisco does not have a hot and humid summer. The summer days do not go beyond 20ºC which is quite a relief for the tourists. It is one of the best times to roam around the city on your feet but not a great time to visit the beaches. The chilly winds from the Pacific and sudden fogs can gulp down the beaches in summer. Also, the chilled water is surely not suitable for you to jump without a second thought. Also, summer is the most crowded season in San Francisco that comes with high hotel rates.

2. Autumn (September to November)

These three months, San Francisco celebrates the sweet autumn and it is one of the best times to visit this city. You will get a warmer weather in autumn than the summer. With the temperatures hovering around 25ºC, autumn is the best time to relax on the beaches. But the brisk winds of the sea do not leave you alone. It is better to pack a few winter clothes if you do not want to shiver alone.

3. Winter (December to February)

When the temperature drops to a chilling 15ºC, San Francisco becomes a cheap travel deal for the budget-friendly tourists. Winter is quite confusing in San Francisco. Fog surrounds the city and the occasional heavy showers make the weather a damp one. Also, the humidity in the air can surprise you if you have plans for the beachside quite often. However, with cheap travel deals, winter is the paradise-time for budget-friendly travellers. You might not get many festivals or a happening city but the wintery taste of San Francisco is something a true traveller wants to have.

4. Spring (March to May)

If you have plans only to stroll around the city and visit the heritage places, spring is the best time to visit San Francisco. With the summer crowd yet to arrive, you will find quite a good deal on hotel rates as well. The temperature does not go beyond 18ºC; thus it can be quite chilly in the mornings. However, hard you may try, but beaches are still going to be off limits during the spring season as well. The brisk and chilly winds of the Pacific and seasonal fogs start to arrive from the spring season.

Best time to visit San Francisco

1. The most crowded time

From the middle of May to the end of September can be considered as the most crowded time in San Francisco. The crowd gets thicker in the summer, and as autumn approaches, the crowds start to rest slowly. Also, this is the time when hotel deals go through roofs, and it is quite hard to find a good accommodation.

2. Shoulder Time

From the beginning of the October to the end of November, you will find San Francisco with fewer crowds. With the temperature hovering around 17ºC, you will find quite a good hotel deals as the tourist rush is not there yet. You will find a good time at the beaches, and it is also a great time to visit the city streets as well. Also, the rain does not hit during this time of the year which gives you quite an ample of time to visit all the heritage sites of the city.

3. Offbeat season

The offbeat or the low season in San Francisco is during the time of the winter. The chilly and brisk winds from the ocean are not really favourable for the tourists. The fog and the heavy shower gulp the city down. The temperature drops to a chilling 6ºC. However, it is the best time if you are looking for the budget-friendly tour; winter is the best time to visit San Francisco without any doubt.

4. Festive Season

Spring is the festive season of San Francisco. From St. Patrick’s Day to an international Beer festival, the major festivals of San Francisco are celebrated during the spring season only. Also, you can witness many festivals during the summer season as well. However, winter is the most festival-less season of all.

5.vBest time to shopping

The city of San Francisco can be called the shopper’s paradise. From clothing to vintage buy, San Francisco has a particular time when you can get lots of great stuff at a discount rate. The day after Christmas is the best day to get all these stuff at a huge discount rate. Thus, if your goal is shopping, you have to visit San Francisco during the time of the winter season. However, in other seasons, you can get a good deal on Thursdays and in the mornings before 10 am.

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To say the least, visit San Francisco any time you want, you will discover different elements of surprise. From natural wonders to festivals, San Francisco is the city that never sleeps. Happy Tripping!