The best education and knowledge that we ever receive is through travelling. The impulse and will to travel is considered to be the most commendable sign of life. It’s never a matter of money but a matter of courage that renders you with a soul filled in contentment, serenity and wittiness.

Visiting Portugal is one of the best decisions you will ever make, as far as traveling is concerned. There’s isn’t a suitable time to visit Portugal, the embellished streets, lush greenery and noisy crowd never fails to appeal the tourists. However, you might prefer to visit the place owing to your interests and the purpose of visiting.

Portugal has amazing sights during every season. This is because of the rich heritage, vast culture and breathtaking sightseeing. During the major holidays like summers, Christmas and Easter, the budget is on a lower end. Also, if you’re looking for breathtaking sightseeing, summer is the ideal time to explore the beaches, islands and events. Here is a detailed season-wise guide for experiencing the perks Portugal offers.

Spring, Perfect time to Visit the Place (March, April, May)

Spring is preferably the most enthralling time to enjoy the delicacies Portugal has to offer. March to May is considered to be the most suitable time if you wish to visit Portugal. The weather is mild, moderate and pleasant as the summer emerges, taking over the fields and streets of the place. Even the cost of tourism is up to the mark and facilitates your tour enchantingly.

However, visiting the place after April for a heartwarming experience is a good idea. This is because some of the events closed due to winters might take-up a little while to open. The temperature is soothing, between 15 to 21 degrees in the spring, rendering the tourists an attraction worth appreciating. Also, spring season experiences a great deal of outdoor activities in the premises of the city.

Beaches offer an amazing view for the tourists. Especially the Algarve looks great with cool beaches and chilly breeze bettering the tour experience. Alentejo offers some delightfully joyous sessions as well.

Madeira and Azores are also recommended places offering some really amazing sightseeing. Early summer events are always present to fill your soul with ecstatic memories. Some of them are Easter Celebrations, the Fatima Pilgrimage, Sintra Festival of music and arts and the Gay Pride Festival in Lisbon.

Visit the beaches during summers (June, July, and August)

Summer is the busiest season in Portugal with the splendid beauty of beaches and pleasant sunny days. The sun shines in a scorching manner but it still instills an alluringly warm feel to the tourists. Portugal experiences the heavy tourist load in whole of the European continent due to its diverse culture and rich heritage.

Also, the beaches and cool weather even during summers can’t be ignored. Starting from the end of June, summer events start with full eagerness which excites the locals as well as tourists. During the summers, the hotel prices increase by 30% owing to the huge rush and tourist load in the city. This is the best time for the hotel owners to earn maximally.

Don’t be surprised if you find some local folks fighting over your seat in the bus. Advanced booking is very much recommended to experience the joyous environment of Portugal in summers. Summers offers a chance for the tourists to visit particularly any part of Portugal. You can swim as much as you want in the Algarve, Alentejo due to warm water and pleasant swimming experiences. Tourists often visit Tall Shops Race in Lisbon or the Madeira Wine Festival, in August. Overall, visiting Portugal in summers is a good idea if you wish to enjoy the beauty of Algarve and Alentejo.

Experience the Falls in Portugal (September, October, November)

Yellows and reds take over the premises of Portugal with enchanting view and beautiful beaches. Autumn begins with departed tourists and a quieter Portugal, but this definitely doesn’t decrease the appeal of this place . Hence, if you wish to enjoy a quieter and affordable Portugal, autumn is the time for you.

Hotel prices will be considerably lowers facilitating your experience in the country. Also, you won’t have to miss out on the experiences that the place has to offer, along with a light on pocket tour. Pleasant weather adds to the beauty of Portugal during the autumn season.

We recommend Southern Portugal visit owing to the ecstatic chilly breeze following the hot, scorch summers. Madeira attracts tourists at this time, due to the ravishing beauty of the beaches and jaw-dropping flora. During the falls, Madeira festival takes place wherein both the locals and tourists enjoy to the fullest.

Folklore celebrations and grapes harvest events are the attractions of this festival. Heavenly feel of this festival never fails to amaze the people, irrespective of the times you’ve experienced the same. Christopher Columbus festival is also one of the famous events, taking place during the falls.

Quieter, Serene Portugal during Winters (December, January, February)

Portugal experiences dry, dull and chilly winters. Due to the extremely chilly weather and wet surroundings, most of the hotels and accommodation places closes down in the winters. But, Christmas keeps the city of Lisbon active with all the celebrations and events.

Another attraction of Wintery Portugal are the skiing offers, you can get hold of some very good skiing packages in the premises of Portugal. The dry weather doesn’t affect bigger cities, however small towns do experience quite a bit of shutdown in the cold season.

Delicious food, attractive decorations and live music are the attractions of Lisbon owing to the festival season. Serra de Estrela offers skiing during the month of December or January. Tourists often prefer to ski here along with enjoying the beauty of Christmas embellishments.

Carnival is the event that attracts tourists from all over the globe. Brazil tourists often visit the place to have a good time at the carnival with splendor and ecstatic view.

Overall, spring is the best time to visit Portugal. However, if you’re into a budget travel, consider visiting the place during autumn for lower accommodation rates.

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