Peru has an amazing and varied climate on this earth. Peru is a country with various topographies including beaches, mountains, and rain-forests. The real taste of adventure tourism can be tasted by the right people at the right time.

The best time to thrill in Peru is not fixed as the temperature conditions vary throughout the country. The exotic coast of Peru is at their best around the month of January; on the other side the Amazon jungle wildlife and the mountains range are breathtaking after rains.

You can enjoy every bit of Peru in the dry season (June–August) as nature invests wisely here. The climate of Peru varies by altitude.

The temperature remains almost same round the year. Peru exhibit superfluous hidden treasure during Summer Season. You can enjoy occasional showers but the last time it confront heavy rains was a lot of years behind. Rainfall is heavier in Amazon forest and it’s quite hot and humid all year. The Easter week (April/May) is most crowded as it is a public holiday and the lush mountains basked in their glory after the rainy season.

Instead of categorizing the year long time into two seasons- summers and winters, I divide the year into four groups based on the number of tourists visited Peru.

Peak Season (Dry Season: May-August)

The Andean Highlands and the Amazon Rainforests visit are delightful things to do in Peru in the months of May to August. It is the best time to visit Peru as you can enjoy all the adventures activities. The best places to visit in this peak hour are the Inca trail and Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of Earth. It is open 365 days a year. The best time to visit here is the dry season. June to August is the busiest time for Machu Picchu.

The most thrilling thing to do in the dry season is the Jungle Trek. You should book your tickets in advance as it is very difficult to get the best offer of flight to Peru in the peak Season. The Amazon River and forests have a low-water season during this peak Season. Amazon is rain forest, so even during low- water season you found little showers frequently.

You can easily access difficult and rare trails in the peak season. There is nothing left untouched by you in any dimension of Peru. June is considered as the month of festivals in Peru. The Amazon forest is very hot and humid with frequent rainfall. It is not an easy task to cross this rain forest but summer season has fewer mosquitoes and lower water level.

Off-Peak Season (Wet: September- November)

You will fall in love with the wildlife, the desert, and the trails in the off-peak season of Peru. Passionate hikers like Peru for hiking in this season. This is the most profitable time for the wildlife photographers. Peru has many unspoilt destinations for off-beater. If you love trek, this is an ideal time for you. You will get air tickets and hotel bookings very easily as there are no rush. If you want to visit Lima, the best time is during November/December to March/April.

It is the best time to trek the Andes. Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley is the most-sought after sites in Peru. After the dry season, the weather becomes more pleasant. The colorful flora and beautiful trees attract a number of birds. The greener hillsides and colorful Orchids welcome you to feel the silent beauty of nature. Peru has many historic sites open for people. You can easily travel to various places in this country by using public transport. The coast area is usually drier than the jungle area which is wet round the year.

Low Season (Wettest: December- February)

The Inca Trail closes during this season in February for clean-up. This is a low season for most of the places and adventurous activities but the coast and beach activities are the evergreen one. Amazon forest is not a right place to explore. Rainfall is at its maximum density in this season. The trekking and hiking trails become very muddy.

The Climate of Coastal region is Subtropical. This season has the cheapest flight tickets to offer. It is a wonderful time to be in Lima. The capital city has many exquisite churches and Monasteries. The Christmas month is full of surprises.

The Cuzco Marketplace is occupied by the vendors of Andes who sell plants and flowers. Lima is at its best in this season. The coastal desert is hottest in this season with occasional rainfalls. Lima is less humid as it rarely rains here. You can enjoy the outdoor activities in Lima.

Shoulder Season (March, April)

This season is also hot and dry. Nights are often colder than days. Amazon Jungles are tropical with a plenty of rainfall almost all the seasons. The fascinating lifestyle of Amazon attracts a lot of tourists towards it. It has the third highest waterfall of world, the Gocta Falls.

Peru has its holy week in March/April. The local People follow religious processions. Lima is a beautiful city to visit. You can have a lot of spectacular pictures of Peru’s landscapes. Try to negotiate the prices of everything from shopping stuff to hotel rents here.

Don’t dare to miss the best sights of Andean Mountain range. You can enjoy the best tracking in this shoulder season. The highlands are very colder at nights. Don’t miss out to interact with the diverse wildlife at the National Parks.

So, the best time to visit Peru is the dry season from May to August. The city is covered with the dense fog in the peak season. Peru has something for everyone to explore. Peru has also been the host of the Carnival festival of South America. Choose your best time to visit Peru depending on what you want to do there. Your planning should include a check of temperature, rainfall chart, and the expert recommendation.

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