Norway is one of the unique, stunningly beautiful countries in the world. It is a land of unparalleled beauty, mystery and wealth. You have the opportunity to see the incredible natural beauty in the country. Norway fortunes changes when oil was discovered in the region. The country has the highest human development index. It is a perfect country to visit for people interested in nature and adventurous activity. The country is endowed with natural beauty like Langfossen Waterfall, Nigardsbreen Glacier, etc. The thrill of driving over Atlantic Ocean Road is amazing. The adrenaline rush while cycling over Trollstigen Mountain Road is breathtaking. The excitement and joy of crossing over Saltstraumen Maelstrom, the world strongest whirlpool is one of the best life experience you will ever had.

Norway has a fairly mild climate due to warming influences of Northern Gulf Stream. However, during winter inland regions are colder than the coast because the mountains block the warm current. It is covered with snow for at least three months in a year. The country has more rainfall along the coastal region than the inland valleys. You can visit Norway during any parts of the year. The best time to visit Norway depends upon activities you want to do in Norway.

Spring-(March, April, and May)

The spring signifies life. This is the time when the flower blooms. Rhododendron is the first blooming plant. The hills and meadows are filled with the abundance of wild flowers. The trees start budding, birds starts building their nest and flower appear. The days become longer. The weather starts getting warmer. The snow started melting. The melting snow turns into the natural waterfall everywhere. You can find fauna like geese, ducks and waterfowl during this season.  The best thing to enjoy during this season is watching blooming fruit trees along the Hardangerfjord. It is the fourth longest fjord in the world. The festival of Easter is celebrated with full fun and delight during this season.  These warm days are perfect for having “utepils.” It simply means the act of enjoying a cold beer outdoor on the sunny day.

The weather of spring in Norway is unpredictable. You should bring a pair of good footwear and warm clothes. You have to come prepared for snow, the sun as well as the cold. If you are planning to visit in the wilderness, then raincoat is the must. You also need to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes.  Just don’t miss keeping sunscreen to protect you from sunburn.

Summer – (June, July, and August)

The summer in Norway is perfect for enjoying the midnight sun. The days become longer, and nights are short during the summer. The weather during summer is stable. The temperatures are favourable on both land and the sea. It is between 25°C to 30°C. The locals welcome summer and enjoy going out.  The nights are warm, and temperature in sea is ideal for swimming. The summer is the time for visitors who love outdoor activities. This is the prime time for swimming, cycling, camping and hiking. The time is ultimate for outdoor recreation. There is no dark anywhere in the country. The more north you go you enjoy more nights of midnight sun. You can enjoy fishing, boating and kayaking in the middle of the night.

The weather of Norway during summer is stable. But still it can throw many surprises. It is better to keep yourself in order to face the unexpected. You should bring windproof and waterproof clothing. The daylight hours are long, and the sunshine is strong, so carry sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn. You can have freshly caught fish during summer.

Autumn-(September, October, and November)

Autumn in Norway is one of the most beautiful seasons. This is the best time to enjoy the serenity and picturesque view of Norway. The splendid and spectacular view left you with mesmerizing experiences. The trees turn into yellow and red and leaves start falling. In fact it is the perfect time to enjoy the various arts and cultural exhibitions happening throughout the country. The days become shorter. You will love to sit together inside with hot chocolate. This is the best time to enjoy the time in mountains. It is good to have hiking in the mountains. This is the harvesting time in the Norway. The best time to enjoy Norwegian food. The famous Norwegian food culture takes place during this season.

The winds blow during the autumn. The rain can make the moving outdoor little difficult. But as usual the weather of Norway is unpredictable so you can have clear skies and warm weather even in autumn too. It is good to have windproof as well as raincoat during autumn.  You can have a woollen cloth to protect from cold.

Winter-(December, January, and February)

The winters are dark in Norway. It gets limited daylight hours, and nights are long. You will love to watch stars in the sky. The winters are not cold along the coastlines due to Northern Gulf Stream. But you can enjoy snow and cold up in the mountains. This is the best time to enjoy skiing. The tourists from all over the world visit Norway to see Northern Lights. This is not the good time for camping and mountain hikes are closed during winter. The roads are closed during the winter.  You can do dog sledging in Arctic Kirkenes. The Oslo fjord is the beautiful place to visit during the winter. This is the nice time for enjoying sightseeing from the Bergen Line at the Mydral Station.

The winters in Norway are severely cold. If you are planning to visit North of Norway, then it is essential to wear the dress that keeps you warm and comfortable. You should wear clothes in the layer. It is better to prefer woollen clothes than cotton. You will love to enjoy season foods like prawns, lobsters, etc. You can get high quality seafood like salmon, trout, cod and halibut. This is the best time to enjoy Norwegian dishes like “lutefisk” (cod soaked in lye), “smalahove” C sheep’s head), etc.

Norway natural environment and beautiful landscapes makes it a heaven on the earth. The country has been gifted with many natural beauties and phenomena. You can visit throughout the year to enjoy beauty of Norway.

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