New Orleans is the famous tourist place in the state of Louisiana of the United States. It is a major port city of the United States. The city is known for its distinct French and Spanish Creole architecture. New Orleans has lavish cross-cultural and multilingual heritage. The city has many beautiful places to visit like The French Quarter.

The city is situated along the Mississippi River. This place is known for its magnificent architecture. The famous street in the French Quarter is Bourbon Street. The most celebrated festivals in New Orleans are Mardi gras. It is celebrated over the span of two weeks.  The other places to visit in the city are Jackson Square, Preservation Hall, Saint Louis Cathedral, City Park, Garden District, etc.

New Orleans has a humid subtropical climate. The city has short and mild winters. The summers are hot and humid. The city experiences snowfall rarely. The average precipitation is 62.5 mm annually. There are high rainfalls during the summer, and October is the driest month. You can visit New Orleans throughout the year. However, some precautions need to be taken during Hurricanes. Due to its low elevation, the city is at risk during Hurricanes.

Spring – (March, April, and May)

The spring is the beautiful time of the year to visit New Orleans. The spring brings new energy and vibrant surroundings. The city is decorated with beautiful flowers. Many popular festivals are celebrated during the spring.  You will love to be part of the French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest and Bayou Boogaloo. This is the perfect seasons to enjoy the joyous city of New Orleans.  The city offers free live music on Wednesday at the Square and Jazz in the Park. The people love to have the picnic at City Park and Audubon Park. You can play, relax and enjoy music or sightseeing in these parks. You can have best sight view by biking or walking around the city during this time.

The spring is all about outdoor activities in New Orleans. The evening can be spent shopping at Magazine Street, Farmers Market and Frenchmen Art Market. These are the best market place to buy something for your home from New Orleans. As this is the peak season so try to have your ticket advance in time. Many tourists love to visit this town during spring as many festivals are celebrated during this time. This is the best time to visit New Orleans if you wish to be part of vibrant community.

Summer – (June, July, and August)

The summer in New Orleans is filled with many exciting activities. This is a good time to enjoy festivals, arts, music and outdoor activities. This is the best time to visit museums at the discounted price. You can have a visit to New Orleans Museum of Art, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art. The city celebrates Essence Festival. This four-day music festival is perfect for enjoying hip-hop. You can also visit popular Spas, luxurious Winsor Court and Ritz Carlton. The New Orleans is a perfect place for enjoying many outdoor and adventurous activities. You can have bicycle tour or swamp tour to experience the beauty and glory of the city.  You can be part of fishing charter that will take you from French Quarter to the waters of Lake Pontchartrain.

The city is famous for its museums, arts festivals and enjoyment. This is among the peak seasons to enjoy things in New Orleans. The accommodations are not cheap. The resplendent music festival attracts people from all over the world. As it is, the period of holidays so there is a huge crowd in the city. The summer is hot, so it is better to have comfortable clothing. You must have sunscreen to protect your skin from tanning.

Autumn – (September, October, and November)

As the summer heat goes down the autumn is welcomed with full joy and enthusiasm. The summer hot days are replaced by cool breezes and lovely sunshine. There are many food festivals are celebrated during this season. It is best time to taste the New Orleans cuisine. You can enjoy Oak Street Po Boy festival, New Orleans Fried Chicken Festival, etc. You can explore the city by biking or travelling across the streets in the morning. The best thing will be to spend a day near Audubon Park and catch a riverside sunset near The Fly. New Orleans is famous for its live music. You can experience live music at Music under the Oaks. You may visit to enjoy the tunes at Paradigm Gardens Concert Series.

The city is a good place to experience Halloween. With the beginning of autumn, the city becomes enthusiastic of sports. You can cheer for the New Orleans basketball team and Saints Season. The autumn is one of the best times to visit New Orleans.  With the start of autumn, many creative activities occur in the city.

Winter – (December, January, and February)

The winter is the holiday season in the New Orleans. There many lively activities happen during this period. The whole city is in Christmas Festive mood. The Oaks are decorated with holiday lights. You can enjoy ice-skating at Christmas fest.  The trip to St. James Parish is perfect to enjoy lighting of bonfires on the eve of Christmas. The Magazine Street is a nice place to enjoy the winter. It is best to be part of carollers in Jackson Square. The City Park is spectacular illuminated with lights on the eve of Christmas. You have the opportunity to run and do the party with the Santa. The city is lively and vibrant so you can kick-start your new year by celebrating from this vibrant city.

The winter is cold and shivering in the nights. It is better to have windproof clothes. The accommodation rates are high. Many tourists come in this period to enjoy their holiday in this vibrant city of music and festivities.

The city has sparkling cultural life. The city is known for its magnificent architecture and music. You will love to visit this place throughout the year.

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