Morocco has rugged mountainous terrain, desert and large coastlines. The country is located in the Maghreb region of Northern Africa. Morocco is known for Cannabis plant. The country is known for the sublime dress Caftan. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco. The official languages of Morocco are Arabic and Berber. Morocco is one of the three countries in the world that is bordered by both Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Tea is most popular drink in the Morocco. They love meat, and it is considered rude to refuse meat if offered in Morocco. Marrakech has rich cultural traditions and shops are popular with tourists. The city is famous for red walls and buildings with sandstone built in the 12th century.

Morocco has a Mediterranean climate. It has a moderate and subtropical climate due to the cooled breeze off Atlantic and Mediterranean. The temperature is extreme in the interior. Winters are cold and summer is hot. The city is known for beautiful tourist destination, gorgeous beaches and historical cities. The famous cuisine of Morocco is Couscous and Tajine. You can enjoy lively fish market and Sunday market at Sidi Ifni, a small fishing town. There are many famous tourist locations at Morocco. Depending upon what you want you can visit Morocco.

Spring – (March, April, and May)

The spring signifies new life. This is one of the beautiful times to visit Morocco when the country is flush with green landscape. There are flowering trees, apples, cherries, almonds and pomegranates. As the snow melts during this season, you can find small waterfalls. You can also participate in the Wax Lantern Festival celebrated near Rabat. This festival is known as “Mawkib Esh Shomouaa”. It is celebrated from the Barbary period. The famous honey festival celebrated in the month of May near Argana in the High Atlas Mountain Agadir. It is the home of the largest beehives in the world. The lovers of arts and music can attend Alizes Musical Spring Festival. The classical music and lyrical art are celebrated around the world in this season.

However, spring is not the perfect time to visit coastlines. You cannot enjoy swimming and sunbathing as the temperature is high. You need to have full covered clothes. It is better to keep sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn. The Fez Scared Music Festival is also celebrated during this month. It is better to make the booking of hotels as early as possible as it is the peak seasons to enjoy many festivals in Morocco.

Summer – (June, July, and August)

The summer in Morocco is very hot and dry. The temperature is very high during summer except in the areas of the coastline. The cold Canary Current brings cool breeze to the coastlines. The urban Casablanca and Essaouira are pleasantly hot. You can visit these cities as they are relatively cool. The Northern Coast enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with long and sunny days. June is the last month to visit deserts region. The day temperature rises as high as mid 40°C. If you want to explore and do sightseeing morning and evening is the best time to visit. You can enjoy water sports and delicious seafood at Essaouira. You can have pleasantly short morning walks and panoramic views of the city.

It is not the peak season. So, if you are planning to visit Morocco you can have fewer crowds. You can have cheap accommodation during the summer. You should wear full clothing that keeps you cool and protect from warm weather. It is better to have sunscreen to protect your skin. The summer is not great for doing trekking at Atlas Mountains. The famous festival celebrated during this month is Camel Festival.

Autumn – (September, October, and November)

The autumn in Morocco is mild, and you have a pleasant temperature in most of the town. The country experiences sunshine and colder nights. There is less rainfall during this month. This is a good time to enjoy sightseeing and see spectacular Moroccan culture. The summer is not hot. It has numerous places of tourist interests. One can enjoy the Main Square of Marrakesh, Ancient Square of architectural value. You have enough time to explore mysterious culture of Middle East. You can enjoy the trip from Marrakech to the desert. The city is spectacular and offers a splendid view.

If you are planning to visit Morocco during this season, you need to have advanced booking for accommodation. The temperature is low and a good amount of rainfall makes it a perfect time for the tourist visit. Though the hotels are high, but it is the best time to explore the mystery of Moroccan culture.

Winter – (December, January, and February)

Winters are the perfect time to enjoy summer hiking in the Atlas. The days are warm and cool at night. However, it rains in the north of the country bordering Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy varieties of outdoor activities in the month of winter. It is the ideal time to enjoy bird watching, star grazing, cooking and art classes. You can have best spa treatments and mountain biking during this season.  The area near Draa Valley gives you the traditional experience of Berber and Arabic Life. The beach city Essaouira offers plenty of water activities. It is the appropriate time to have skiing in the desert. The Erg Chebbi dunes are awesome and offer a picturesque moment. It served as backdrops of many Hollywood films.

It is a good time to enjoy tourist places like Marrakesh and Casablanca. There is no crowd and no waiting time for taking part in any activities. You can enjoy the serenity of the place. You must have windproof and warm clothes as the night are cold. As it is not the peak seasons in some cities so you can have cheap accommodation.

Morocco is bestowed with many natural beauties. The city has rich cultural traditions and colourful markets. It is one of the popular destinations for filming Hollywood movies. The country is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. You must visit Morocco to explore the mystery of the country.

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