London is one of the most vibrant city of the world can be visited all through the year. The best time to visit London is from March to May when the temperature is pleasant. It is the time when one can explore the royal parks and gardens here. The winters are usually very cold and go below the freezing temperature. If you love to thrive under a snow blanket you can visit London in winter between Decembers to February.

Summer season is not much delightful but you can see influx of families as this is the vacation period for kids. The royal sites are open to public only in summers. The renowned Buckingham Palace is open for the tour in July through September.

You can’t afford to miss the Harrods’s ultra-popular summer sale that happens in the month of July. London Shopping is at its peak during the post-Christmas and New Year sale. London is known globally for its shows and theaters. Your dream visit to Madame Tussuad can happen any time of the year.

London can be visited during any time round the year. You can find your own best time by gauging and matching your favorite activities. Here is our go at it:

March to May

The best time to visit London is summers. The average temperature is 14°C. This is also the driest period of the year. Summer is considered the best time to visit after thrilling winters. It brings many outdoor activities and festivals. This is the busiest tourist season of London. It has a plenty of presents to offer including the music festival, the rooftop bars, the outdoor cinema, and the Wimbledon.

You can make the most of the daylight hours happening as there are no rain showers. You can enjoy the lush green landscapes, the sightseeing, and the royal parks at the fullest. The most important thing is to book tickets in advance. Don’t rush in the eleventh hour as London is jam-packed with tourist during summer season.

This blossom filled season has plenty of surprises to offer. The green leprechaun floats, flower festivals, Orchid festival and many other are waiting for you in London. The frequent rainfall is called April Showers. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella in hand.

June to September

The temperature rises to expected levels in June. July is the hottest month of the year in London. The average temperature is 22°C. Drizzling showers are quite frequent in this period. If you love to enjoy less crowded destination, this is the time for you. This is the best time to visit famous Museums and Galleries. July is the most expensive time to visit London. You will find every single place overcrowded in this month.

This time is the best mostly for the photographers who want to capture the amazing nature of London.  Summer is pleasant weather with frequent rainfalls and sunshine. The beautiful gardens, rooftops, parks and other landscapes are the main attraction in this season. The famous music festival of London happens in this season.

If Royalism attracts you to London, then you must visit here in the month of July or August. It is the time when the Royal buildings including the Buckingham Palace is open for all to visit.

October to November

October receives the most rainfall of the year with an average precipitation rate of 71 mm. The high temperature averages and low temperature averages 16°C. You can enjoy the exotic mulled wine in winters. It is relatively easier to get Hotel bookings and Theatre reservations. The Air tickets are also brings various offers. All the main attractions are still open. Many events and annual festivals occur in Autumn Season in London.

If you are a fashion freak, this is your time to witness the London Fashion week. The October month has the London Film Festival in its bucket followed by the Lord Mayor’s Show. Autumn is the lovely time for family trips. You may see many families as this time coincides with their school holidays.

The most famous Thames festival and Halloween party is organized in October. You should book your air tickets in advance in order to avoid the last minute rush. You will find many offers on the Hotel booking.

December to February

Everyone is in the festival spirit in the month of December. It is very cold but the holiday season attracts many visitors. The city is full of lights, blossoms, and many other festivities. In the early December, people lit the grand tree in Trafalgar Square. Museums, Galleries, Royal buildings all remain closed between Christmas and New Year.

You have a lot of options to choose from including, shopping, wine, decorations, music, dance and many more. The public transport system is fantastic in London. The red buses and black taxies are easily available and very comfortable. The hotel rooms are also easily available. Every Hotel is designed with a Royal theme.

The year starts with the post-Christmas sale at full swing. February faces a significant decrease in the number of tourist to London. This month is a relaxing time for people of London. The weather is still cold. You must take warm clothes and umbrella in your backpack. Be ready to relish the light snowfall in winters. Don’t miss to be a part of the famous London parade.

So, the best time to visit London is from March to May. Everything is really crowded during June, July and August here. You must not miss the Charismatic Christmas celebration and the New Year Eve. Although it heavily rains in winters but the pleasing climate fill up everything. London has something for everyone. It never left you unsatisfied at any time of the year.

You can make a long list of things to do in London, including a walk along the Thames River, the Royal Gardens, and the heritage sites, and the last but not the least the Madame Tussauds Museum. Don’t miss to mention the National Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum.

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