The dry season (mid-December to April) is the best time to visit Costa Rica. This period of the year has the maximum daytime for exploring the beauty of Costa Rica. The wet season (May to November) is quite welcoming with its beautiful foliage.

Costa Rica is full of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to help the endangered spices. It attracts a number of travelers every year to spot the wildlife. Some popular spices are Capuchin Monkey, Sea Turtles, and leather buck turtles. Costa Rica is one of the dream destinations of avid surfers.

The most sought after place to visit here is the cloud forest of Monteverde. You will find very dense trails here that are the reason it gets the name Cloud Forest. The Easter week and the Christmas festive time is the busiest time for the locals of Costa Rica. The hotel and other prices are skyrocketing. The booking of tickets and lodging is a hard nut to crack during December and January.

Here is a complete view of all the seasons and amazing things to explore in Costa Rica. Before you plan to book tickets, just go through this post. By the end of the post you will get the answer to the above question.

Dry Season

The wet season ends around mid-December and everyone get excited to feel the sunshine. Tourists from various parts of the world come to explore the rainforests and the shorelines here. This is indeed serendipity for Wildlife-enthusiasts. Wildlife photographer and nature lovers get the best photos for their collections. You can enjoy the vivacious music and dance festivals in this season. North Americans and Europeans are headed to Costa Rica in winters. They get a cozy break from the chilly frozen weather at their native places. The air tickets and hotel booking must get done three month in advance if you are planning to visit. This is a good time for surfing if you are a beginner.

Your hobby of bird watching will get new wings in this season. You can spot a lot of native birds singing and dancing in the rainy sky. The visibility is not an issue in this season; you can easily capture your favorite bird.

As the humidity is less during dry season, you can enjoy more activities during daytime. You can easily see the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean from the topmost peak of your trek to Mount Chirripo.

Wet Season

The rainy season of Costa Rica (May-November) is less crowded than the wet season. If you don’t mind some drizzling rain, you can enjoy in this season as well. In most of the areas, the showers begin in the afternoon or evening. But in the summer vacations period (July and August) tourists flood this place. They explore the diverse wildlife and enjoy the adventurous activities. You should book your tickets in advance in order to avoid the eleventh hour rush. The passionate surfers enjoy daring experience with mammoth waves. The beach crowd enjoys the adventurous activities of surfers.

Capuchin Monkey can be spotted round the year but the sea turtle can be seen in the month of May or in the month of October. You will get a chance to spot the migratory birds during September and November.

You can enjoy the Afro-Culture and food at the Caribbean coast beside the length of Costa Rica. The distinctive wildlife on the pacific coast including olive ridley sea turtle and the California whales are the main wildlife watching attraction in Costa Rica. Trail gets muddy and impassable in the wet season. You have to book your tickets in advance if you plan to spend your New Year Eve here.

Shoulder Season

The rainy months (November, December) between the dry and the wet season is so-called Shoulder Season of Costa Rica. It can be a good time to visit here as the temperature is a bit more pleasant and rain showers are enjoyable. Hotels and Rentals are cheaper to afford.

You can do almost every activity in these months. You should be prepared with the to-do list. If you are flexible enough to plan your itinerary in rainy months, this will offer you the best.

The number of amazing National Park, the coast, the waterfall gardens, the hot water spring and many more splendid landscapes are waiting for you in Costa Rica. Book your tickets, pack your back pack and go for it.

The climate condition of various places varies with time. Select your choice depending on your taste and blend to get the best time to visit Costa Rica.

Best time to visit San Jose

November to April is the best time to visit San Jose. Rain is very less. May to November is the rainy season. September and October are the wettest months.

Best time to visit Pacific Coas

November to April is the dry month period. May to November have sunny morning but rainy afterwards. The rainiest months are September and October.

Best time to visit Caribbean Coast

November to January is the rainy season here. February to April is dry. April to November are the pleasant months with the least amount of rain.

You must have decided the best time to visit Costa Rica. The unique climates with varying weather pattern are discussed above. Keep in mind that September is the month of volcanic eruption despite of rain. Although the best beach weather here is September and October. You might wish to see the Arenal Volcano area.

The Caribbean coast has an entirely different weather pattern. If you want to save your money, then visit here in the off-season. The natural beauty, the sunshine, the wildlife, the rain showers are always free of cost. The three important things to plan a trip here are; the cost, the weather and the trip duration. Remember Costa Rica is a Rainforest country. So be prepared for the frequent rain showers. Choose from the three season dry, wet and green.

The prices of tickets and accommodation are very high during dry season. Make sure you book your tickets in advance.

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