The best time to visit Belize is from November to April. This is the dry season here. The clear sky and warm temperature is the peak season. June to November is a rainy season. The rainy season is an off-time for Belize.

Your best time is depends on what actually you are looking for in Belize. The lush green jungles, white sand beaches, amazing landscapes attract a number of tourists to this Caribbean paradise. Locals can tell you the high-time to visit Belize, but your right time depends on your choices. North Americans and Europeans are flocking towards south from the chilly weather to get cozy and comfortable feelings. So, the winters are peak season for visitors. The Caribbean countries have directed for a large scale parades. You can be a part of this blasting musical parade with amazing costumed dancers. Don’t think, go and dance with Belizean dancers.

Belize is a popular holiday destination among the school children. It has a lot of amazing things to do during the summer vacations. Your brats will enjoy the Canoe race, musical carnivals, and the chocolate festival.

Best time (November- April)

This is the best time to visit Belize. There is a plenty of daytime to explore the outdoors. March and April are the pleasant months to visit here. You will get delighted to see the clear and clean sapphire water. The climate is perfect for Scuba diving and other adventurous activities. This is a dry time to visit this coastal country. The hotel rooms and other rentals are very high. You are highly advised to book your air tickets and do other accommodation arrangements in advance.

This is a perfect time to escape from frozen countries in winters. There are a lot of things to do during the high time. You will love the thanksgiving Belize vacation with family. Belize people are celebrating their cultural events on the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas is a perfect family time here. The change in seasons has no effects on the number of daylight hours to enjoy outdoors. It remains same round the year. This is in fact a best thing in Belize. Belize is known as the sex paradise. You can easily find many commercial sex workers here.

Good Time (July-October)

This is also a good time to visit but there is a threat of Hurricanes in coastal countries during this period of the year. The wettest months are August and September. You are benefited with many offers on the rental prices. If you don’t mind showers, this is your time to pop in. If you have no problem with the summer season this is a good time to explore. Rainfall starts in July, making the weather more pleasant. Rain showers are frequent and remain for less time. You will get a chance to know more about Belize people, its culture, and its traditions. You will have a lot of outdoor fun during this period.

The famous Costa Maya festival and Air Festival with international bands, beach parties, pool dance, and many more attractions are waiting for you to Belize. It is the time when you can connect to the soul of the Belize. September is the month to enjoy the patriotic celebration here. People come out for a parade and many musical carnivals are conducted by the locals. Many religious offerings and prayers are organized in October.

The rainfall is highest during this time. There may be a threat of floods. You must check the weather conditions before travelling to Belize in this season.

Hot-season (May, June)

May and June are the hottest time to visit here. But you can still make it happen with various water sports. June is a great month to enjoy Lobsters and this is a fashion ceremonial time for Belizean people. A two-week long Lobster fest is organized to welcome Lobsters.

You can enjoy various delicious dishes and your favorite cocktails. This is a perfect time for whale watching. People claim that they got to see many whale sharks in Belize during summers. Scuba divers find their lifetime experience here. You can enjoy the snorkeling activities.  The clean and clear water attract a lot of water lovers from various parts of the world. Many hotels take break during these warm months. But if you are planning your summer vacation here, you can enjoy more privacy on beaches, caves and ruins. You can plan a romantic date trip with your lover and enjoy the air conditioned hotel rooms and privacy.

Festive Season

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the Easter week are the festival time. The charm of festivals doubles the energy of Belizeans. Easter is the longest holiday in the country’s calendar. You can participate in the international cross-country cycle championship in these holidays.

You can enjoy swimming, fishing and other sports activities during Easter week with your family. We would recommend you to book your tickets at least 4-5 months prior to your visit. Some hotels offer discounts on early booking too. Valentine day is the best festival here for lovebirds. You can plan the most romantic gift for your soul mate. If you are alone, you can find your love here. After all, Belize is one of the sex tourism places of the world.

You can stay in some luxurious lovely beach front and refresh your relations. New Year Eve has a lot to choose from party, events, nightlife and many more.

So, the best time to visit Belize is depends on your priorities. If you are a pro at scuba diving, summer is your best time. The water is very calm and clear in this time. You will amaze at the experience of diving you get here. If you want to travel Belize for a family holiday, December is the best time for you. You can easily avail air tickets and hotel rooms during the off-season. If you love to feel the heartbeat of Belize, then the off-season is the best time for you. Many indoors are taking a break during the off-season. But you can still make it worthy for you.

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