Barcelona has a really pleasant weather, even in summers you can experience chilly breeze. However, snowfall is something rare in Barcelona, owing to its Mediterranean location. If you’re all set to visit this prodigious destination, you need to do some research first. Knowing the best time to visit Barcelona is a prerequisite to visit the place. Here is a detailed season-wise review of Barcelona and its tourism.

Every traveler feels it to be the major necessity to explore the common places, but who doesn’t like unique surprises? There emerges a time when every traveler wants to feel overwhelmed. When the traveler inside you excited to visit a place with monuments and astounding history, think of visiting Barcelona.

Summers in Barcelona are the Best (June, July, August)

Summer is the high season in Barcelona, attracting diverse range of tourists from all over the globe. Even the accommodation rates are quite high owing to the huge traffic during this time of the month. Advanced booking is recommended for better experience. Otherwise, you’ll be standing in long queues outside hotels looking for accommodation.

There are a lot of advantages of visiting Barcelona during the summers. The sun shines until 9:30 pm and almost every famous sight is open for the tourists with full swing. Also, you can enjoy the ecstatic beaches with warm water, cool breeze and chilly sand. Along with this, enjoy major festivals like Musica als Parcs, offering live concerts with the best music and a night-view that’s heavenly.

If you wish to get quite a bit of tan, hangout at the beaches in Barcelona and sunbath under the scorching heat. The temperature usually ranges between 28 to 30 degrees, with average being 29 degrees. Weather is quite pleasant and facilitates the travelers from every country.

However, the rainfall is quite low which means the tourists might get annoyed by the heavy heat and sunshine. You might want to go to your hotel right after the sunbath session. With less rainfall, the temperature might elevate a great deal, but it’s all worth it in the end. Barcelona is possibly the best place for getting an attractive tan and beach view which attracts everybody. Hence, summer is the ideal time to visit Barcelona.

Autumn month in Barcelona for Budget Stay (September, October, November)

Falls are considerably quieter in Barcelona, with some of the ecstatic events and pleasant weather. Tourist load declines during this part of the year, with lesser price for the accommodations and tours available at a lower price makes it an ideal time to visit Barcelona. Magnificent events are the highlight of this season; locals enjoy outdoorsy façade of the city with pleasant weather and bearable sun.

Quieter city can be explored to utmost peace and autumn ensures this. After vacations, tourists leave the city and locals enjoy both the weather as well as autumn festivals.

If the Mediterranean summers are unbearable for you, consider visiting the place in the autumn season. At this time, the summers leave the premises with a slight warm touch.

Moderate temperature during this time facilitates the tourists to explore the place. You don’t have to worry much about the sunburns and tans. September is believed as the best time to visit Barcelona in autumn season. The drop in overall temperature leads to cool and breezy weather.

Cloudy weather can even save the local transport costs and you can explore the city while walking as well. Overall, it isn’t a bad idea to visit Barcelona in the autumn season if quiet, low-budget and serene city is your ultimate goal.

Exploring Barcelona in Chilly Weather (December, January, February)

Chills of the winter get perfectly paired with astonishing view of the Barcelonan streets. During the cold season, the prices of accommodations greatly facilitating the tour. You don’t have to wait in long lines to get just one room for accommodation.

Also, quiet, serene and peaceful tour is ensured with facile sightseeing and astonishing street view. Cold temperature and few drizzles every now and then would definitely prevent you from visiting the beaches. But, it all gets compensated by the romantic cold weather and rains. They allow you to share an umbrella with your loved one while exploring delicacies of Barcelona.

Also, it gives you excuses to slow down the walking speed. Coffee sips at the local cafes and warmth in such cold surroundings are huge delights.
Visiting Barcelona for snowfall is a bad idea because the city rarely ever experiences one. Make sure to avoid visiting beaches during this time as the weather isn’t suitable enough for you to explore beaches. Also, you must pack some warm clothes and umbrella is a must to avoid getting wet in the frequent drizzles during the winter season.

Blossoming Spring in Barcelona (March, April, May)

Spring season in Barcelona results in an increase in the temperature as the chilly winters begin to leave. It allows the local people to go out more often and explore the sights Barcelona offers.

If you’re planning to visit Barcelona during spring, do pack a few warm clothes as you might experience chilly breeze every now and then. Also, you must pack a few umbrellas as drizzles in Barcelona are very common.

You can get a fair share of lesser prices in accommodation due to lesser tourist traffic. You can either choose to explore the museums or go sightseeing, exploring every sight Barcelona has. Cold nights during the spring season are a common entity and proper measures need to be taken prior to your visit. Visiting the place in spring can be loaded with fun events which take full course as summers arrive.

Overall, Barcelona is a great place to visit with magnificent museums and breathtaking beaches. For all those tourists who need to experience sunbath and enjoy the city vibes to the fullest, summer visit is highly recommended. Autumn offers some really low accommodation and travel charges, thus allowing budget travel.

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