Are you planning to visit Banff National Park this year? If yes, then this is a perfect post to help you out with the best months in the year to visit this famous national park. Banff National Park happens to be the oldest national park in Canada and the third oldest all across the globe. It came into existence in 1885. The national park falls in the Rocky Mountains, around 110 to 180 kilometers west of Calgary. The main reason for exploration of this area and the establishment of the park, later on, was the construction of railway lines in Western Canada.

Banff National Park is a fantastic place encompassing 6,641 square kilometers of mountainous terrain.  Glaciers, ice fields, alpine-trees, and coniferous forest surround the area. The principal commercial place in this park is the town of Banff. The National Park has many other crucial geographical locations surrounding it like Jasper National Park in the north, Kootenay National Park to the south, Yoho National Park to the west, and Kananaskis Country to the southeast. Millions of visitors throng to this spectacular attraction every year. Banff National Park is indeed a visual treat to your eyes.

The climate in Banff National Park

Well, we have already found the essential details about the Banff National Park. Now let us concentrate on the climate and seasons of this place so that we can have a bright idea of the best time to visit this natural wonder.

Winter (Mid November to Mid May)

Banff National Park enjoys winter from the middle of November. The cold conditions extend up to the middle of May. The place experience freezing weather in winter and the temperature often drops to -20°C. Lake Louise ski resort hosts the World Cup in skiing generally in November end. The lakes freeze during these months, and you get ample space for skiing and skating. You can also enjoy a game of pond hockey, which is a favorite among the Canadians. By the end of December, you can visualize every place in this area covered by a thick blanket of snow. You feel you have reached a fairy-tale land.

If you enjoy winter and love to take part in the winter sports and outdoor activities, then March is the best time to visit Banff National Park. The days are long, and the weather is not harsh during this month. You can enjoy biking, skating, skiing, and dog-sledding during this time. April is the last month in Banff to enjoy skiing though you would miss the frozen lakes and rivers during this month.

Spring (May to Mid-June)

Since Canada is unusually cold, spring starts much later in Banff National Park. Generally, the weather starts turning warmer and spring sets in from May and last till mid-June. The smell of pine trees intoxicate the atmosphere; beautiful flowers cover the meadows, you may also occasionally spot a bear feasting in them; this is the sight of spring in Banff National Park. It is the time when the animals increase their family and teach their offspring the lessons of life.

So, there is ample opportunity of sighting the wildlife when you plan to visit in spring. You can also take part in the summer activities like hiking, and camping. Most of the ice has already melted from the lakes and rivers, and you can enjoy a pleasant boat ride, kayaking or rafting in the crystal clear water.

The families prefer to visit Banff during summer as children enjoy holidays during the Canada Day, Labor Day and Heritage Day in Alberta. However, the holiday experts do not recommend you to visit the National Park during the holidays if you do not have any issue with leaving. The hotels are all sold-out; you would be charged peak-time surcharge wherever you wish to book them.

Moreover, you need to wait in long lines for the outdoor activities, especially on weekends. If this is not enough to spoil your mood, you also have to bear with filled-up parking lots and navigate through collapsing traffic whenever you venture out of your hotel or resort.

Fall (September to Mid-November)

The fall is the time when the National Park starts becoming empty compared to the busy summer months. The weather is also pleasant, and you may experience the first snowfall during early fall in Banff. You can even sight some magnificent wildlife like moose, wapiti, mule deer, bison, mountain goat, white-tailed deer, and woodland caribou. These animals venture to the lower valleys from the upper meadows. The night starts to get longer, and the temperature is right for camping.

In October, Parks Canada blocks some road to critical destinations like Moraine Lake or Spiral Tunnel due to snowfall. The weather is also freezing, and camping is no more a choice during October. However, Banff Mountain Film Festival is held at the end of October every year.

Best Time to Visit Banff to Grab Awesome Deals

You should avoid the peak summer months to gain some excellent deals in the hotels, resorts and car rentals in Banff. Services in Banff and Lake Louise area are expensive, especially in summer months. During this time, you may even have to pay triple the price compared to shoulder season. It would not be a good idea to shell out so much money when you can experience the same natural beauty in other months.

The best time to visit Banff to grab some magnificent deals would be from April to May and September to November. During this period, the weather is excellent, and you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Moreover, the hotels are also available at a reasonable rate since the schools would be open during this time and families cannot afford a vacation.

Best Time to Visit Banff for Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are popular among the tourist in Banff National park. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you should check out the best season for outdoor activities before booking your holiday. June to end of October is the best season for hiking. You would find some trails covered with snow and mud when you decide to hike in June. Skiing is another favored sport in Banff. There are three famous ski resorts within the park- Lake Louise, Mt. Norquay, and Sunshine Village. The best time for skiing is in March when you can enjoy longer days and temperature around 0C.

This was all about best time to reach Banff. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next vacation in Banff National Park.

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