Bali is a small tropical island of Indonesia. The best time to visit Bali is from April to September. But everyone admires Bali for one season or the other.

It has all that a restless soul wants to satiate, to explore, to feel and to surrender. It’s a favorite destination wedding place for many. Bali has eye-catching traditional temples, wonderful food, fascinated beaches, dazzling oceans and volcanic mountains and much more for all.

The rich vibrant culture, tradition, and lifestyle of Bali are such a delightful treat. Bali is also known as Island of Gods as it has a lot of Hindu temples. Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, but Bali has mainly Hindus.

At one of its corner you can build a new relationship with spirituality and at the other end, it is full of colors of life. You can’t be there just once, its magic will call you back. You can’t have it all in one single trip. If you go there in different seasons, you enjoy a new Bali every time. The most important thing is it’s not at all heavy to your pockets.

Just Imagine…

You are in Bali; with your soul mate by your side. With your cam around your neck, and your cell phone with selfie stick in your hand, and a long list of excited plans jumping in your head


Look Around, it’s drizzling, No it’s raining heavily. You were so ready for this trip and you have no idea it would become a “when things go wrong” MOMENT!

Don’t let this imagination ever be true to you. Just go till the end of this post and get your best time to visit Bali.

Albeit, the best time to travel Bali is not an easy thing to tell, it depends on a wide range of factors and your personal preferences. I am writing this article mainly for you to choose “Your best time to visit Bali”.

To let you know the climate conditions, average temperature, the best thing to do in that season, availability and precautions. Here is my go at it.

I divide the whole year into three seasons:

  • Peak season
  • Surf Season
  • Low season

Peak Season (Apr-Sep)

The best time to visit Bali is this season from April to September. The busiest time for Bali people, humidity is under control. Rain is not a problem in this season. The best time so the most expensive.

This season offers a lot of sunshine with a lot of tourist and lot of fun if you are a party lover. The comfortable temperature is a bit uncomfortable to your pockets. You find a rise in price for everything from hotel stays, to Water Park activities.

You can get the maximum outdoor time for enjoying the beauty of Bali at its fullest in this season. If you are a swimmer or a wildlife photographer then this is your time. You can enjoy the scenic natural beauty and have perfect beach time with your partner in the month of July and August.

You should book your tickets early and make sure to have enough cash with you as this is the busiest time, so the availability issues take place from hotel booking to other activity tickets.

You have to buy tickets for almost everything from enjoying surfing to take nature ride in Monkey forest sanctuary.

The best things to do

Visit Temples

Temples in Bali are almost everywhere. You will find a lot of Hindu and Buddhist temples around. Each temple is unique with its architecture and values. Entry tickets are there. Make sure that you carry your cash loaded wallet even if you visit to a temple in Bali.

Besakih Temple is the mother temple of Bali. It is almost 1 km above the sea level at Mount Agung. The best time to visit the temples is at their annual functions.

If you choose the best time to visit Bali, never miss the temples coming on your way. Every temple has its own methodology and striking sceneries. You can’t miss any of them.

  • The old archeological sites temple; Gunung Kawi
  • Water temple with blooming lotuses, Pura Taman Saraswati temple at Ubud
  • The adventurous temple with 1,700 steps above the ground, Lempuyang Temple

Beach Time

Bali has plenty of beaches. They are perfect for swimming, surfing and for enjoying the sunbath at white sands. This season is the best time to visit Bali for its beaches.

The most happening and rocking beaches are Nusa Dua Beach, Ku De Ta, Kedonganan beaches. Kedonganan Beach is for local fishing business. So it is not suitable for relaxation. The favorite of tourists are Sunar, Kuta and Seminyak beaches. These are closer to the nightlife and great food restaurants.

Exotic places for Honeymooners

Sekumpul Waterfall is one of the must place to visit by couples. You can experience the rainbow here, at the foot of the exotic waterfall.

The perfect morning date for couples is to feel the subliming sunrise at Munduk. It’s in the north of Bali. You must try the private suits in Spa Centre with your loved ones.

Nusa Penida, the perfect place for an outside date. With its fantastic views, it attracts couples from Sanur beaches. It is about 40 km from Sanur.

Your shopaholic souls also get satiated at the local shops. To buy souvenir you have many choices.  Handicrafts, jewellery, wooden frames, shell gifts, paintings are the special attraction at many places in local Bali Markets.

As the peak season have its own flavor to add on your trip. But make sure you are having a short research on the things you must know before visiting Bali. About visa, season, availability, affordability.

  • Be comfortable at beaches. They are safe.
  • Free visa on arrival for a number of countries.
  • Be cautious to the monkeys. Follow the rules.
  • Respect religious practices in the temple. Follow the dress code.
  • Bargain goes with shopping. You could use it respectfully.
  • Keep your water bottle to get your body hydrated.
  • Carry cash, for almost every activities you need cash.
  • Choose your “best time to visit Bali”. And Rock on…

Surf Season (Oct-Dec)

This is not the best time to visit Bali, but you can choose this time if you love fewer people and more nature around you. The temperature in this season is about 250 c- 300 c. It is the starting of the rainy season. You can enjoy in between small showers of rain during the daytime. You will get a plenty of sunlight. But the humidity level is high.

This is not the peak season, so hotels are easily available. You can find great deals for your tickets. Bali is slower in this off-peak season. But at the end of this season; Bali filled up with Christmas gathering. December is the best time visit Bali to Surf.

Best things to do

You can enjoy various activities like Water rides in WaterBom (Kuta), Surfing and Scuba diving.

Boom in WaterBom

If this season is your time to visit Bali, you can beat the heat and humidity in WaterBom. It is Asia’s largest water park in south Kuta in Bali. You can enjoy the steepest slides and delicious food here. If you are with your family and then this is the place for you. Your little brats will definitely love the expensive kids’ area of this park. One side is the forest with endangered spices and the other is Water Park. Tickets are easily available in this season, but on peak days they set a limit. So it’s better to book tickets early. You can book tickets online from their site.

Scuba Diving

The underground Bali can’t be left unexplored. Divers around the world find Bali’s ocean best to experience most exotic and subliming thrills of diving.

The best dive sites in Bali are Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau. You can check the complete price list online from the site price varies from site to site and diving activity you choose.


If you are in Bali at this time, you must enjoy surfing. Don’t miss it even if you are a beginner. Go get your first surf in the incredible waves of Bali. You can easily find experienced surfers at the beaches of Kuta, Uluwatu, and Canggu.

Surf schools are easily available on the southwest coast of Bali. If are totally new to it, you should take the offer from one of them. Make sure your instructor is ISA (International Surfing Association) certified.

Just go get shopping at a surf shop (there are many around beaches), and enjoy surfing at its best.

Low Season (Jan –Mar)

Wetty Season and High on Humidity

January to March is the most humid and the wettest season to visit Bali. Albeit tourists are rushing to Bali for Christmas and New Year Celebrations from all around the world, but this is a low season.

With love in the air, February is your time to show all your love to your valentine. But due to humidity in the air and frequent rains pours, you should better not plan a romantic beach holiday here in Bali. This is not the best outdoor time to visit Bali for lovebirds.

There are lesser rains in March. The temperature drops to 280 c, and you could easily take sunbaths.

Best things to do

The best thing to do in Bali at this season is the indoor activities like pampering yourself with a spa, or try famous Balinese cooking classes or just enjoy in your AC hotel.

Pamper yourself

You can have an affordable refreshing and relaxing Spa everywhere in Bali. One must not miss is the most relaxing spa from expert trained therapist at one of the most exotic Spa Centre of Bali, Prana Spa, Seminyak. It also has luxury private suites for you.

You can choose Ayurvedic riverside Spa at Tjampuhan Hotel in Ubud or the beauty treatment Spa surrounded by elephants at Elephant Safari Park Lodge.

Learn Balinese cuisine

The traditional cooking classes in Bali are quite popular among the tourists. The famous chefs of five-star hotels serve you at their best sharing their recopies for the best Balinese Cuisine. If you are a foodie, you must not miss a chance to visit Casa Luna in Ubud, The Amala at Seminyak, and Lobong Culinary Experience.

If you choose this time to travel Bali; you should not try Scuba Diving or waterfall sight activities. It is better to take an umbrella with you when you are out. And be in your most comfortable flats. Hotels are easily available as this is not a peak season. Make sure that you carry enough cash with you.


Bali has a lot of rich culture festivals in her bucket. You fall in love with local Bali people after attending one such festival. New Year eve is the biggest of them all. The food, fireworks, lightings, music and dance enliven your spirit.

Some of them come in the peak season are Bali art festival (June-July) at Denpasar, Bali kite festival ( July-August) at Sanur, and many more.

One of my favorites is the Bali kissing festival at Omed. It is a water splashing tug of war like the game with a pair smooching in between. It is for the traditional village people of Sesetan. Almost every month of the peak season has anniversary festival of temples are there for you.

Some of the Balinese Cuisine is very popular around the world. Don’t miss the aroma and taste of the best local food of Bali.

Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur (A form of Bali’s Chicken Rice), Jimbaran Seafood, Lawar are some of most sought-after dishes.

The volcano in Bali is in news. Don’t worry. Bali is safe.

I hope my blog will help you in deciding the best time to visit Bali. Bali has something for everyone. Whether you want to go Bali with your partner, or with friends, you can always have a great time in Bali.

Go plan a trip, she is waiting for you.

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