The best time to visit Amsterdam is from April to August. The best time also depends on the things you want to do and the best deals you want there. Amsterdam is wet and chilly most of the time year round. Spring is the only season for tourists to enjoy sunshine. April is the best month to visit with less traffic and the best weather.

Summer is hot, humid and rainy in Amsterdam. You can enjoy the vibrant beaches, cafes and landscapes in this season. The passionate bicycle riders start coming here during this time for their best rides. This is the peak season for tourists. You have to wait in queues for sightseeing, and booking tickets and rentals.

Spring is a delightful time to visit and explore within your budget. This is not a peak time but you will love the beauty of the city during this period. You can also pick fall season, September and October to visit here. You will be benefited with fewer prices. The vivacious nightlife, cuddling cafes, and free museums attract a lot of visitors from places.

Chilly Time (November to February)

This is the off-season of Amsterdam. You can find the cheapest fares and silent beauty of the city. This is a perfect time and a perfect destination for the honeymooners. You can enjoy the adventurous activities including ice skating. This is chilly but a peaceful time to feel the soul of Amsterdam. This is the best time for shopping here. You can get many dramatic discounts on many big stores.

You will find Clearance Sale in January. Don’t restrict yourself; bargaining can be your best tool here. You might have wondering about things to do in chilly season. You can visit Anne Frank House. Plan your itinerary at dawn as you will love to be the first in the line. This is a low-season, but you will find a plenty of indoor activities.

You will get the cozy feeling at hotels after a walk in the snowy chilly nights. You can also see the ice gliders at the frozen canals. Amsterdam is completely covered in white. Be ready with your warm clothes and gloves to face the extra chilly time.

Summer (June to August)

This time is best to explore the outdoors. You will have a sweaty long hours wait in lines for sightseeing. This is the peak time to visit here. You have to pay too much to have too less. Rates will bounce again at the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Summer starts with a warm climate, but you should be prepared for the rainy cool evenings. July is the hottest month with high humidity. You will be lost in the innumerable festivals, events and outdoor activities in summer. One can get extra daylight hours on a bright sunny day to explore the outdoors of the city.

You will find the beaches full of sand bathers, swimmers and divers. The hot day ends with vibrant nightlife.  The Amsterdam beaches have best surfing spots with amazing food places. You will find all the bars and restaurants taking their stuff outdoors. You can enjoy your drink on the terrace. Families are enjoying movies on the rooftops and on beaches. You can openly exhibit your relations. Amsterdam Gay parade is one of the most famous LGBT events in the world.

Blossom Time (March to May)

The tulips with striking colors are quite welcoming. The lovely season has a lot to offer. This time is less crowded. Rainfall is very frequent in spring season. Spring arrives in late March with a cozy time after the winter spells. The parks, terraces and outdoors are filled with people. There are many cool concerts at nights in the parks. You can be lucky enough to be a part of a free concert in the blooming time.

You can enjoy with your little brats in the zoo. This is also the time of birth of many baby animals in the zoo. Your kids will love to see the new members there. You can enjoy a boat tour or a canal cruising. With the entry of May month, spring comes in its full style and colors.

One of the biggest colorful events of Europe is the King’s Day at Amsterdam. Many parties, events and the rocking nightlife make your trip worthy. You can spend a whole day out in a park. Don’t be surprised to look the crowd at the Easter week and the Queen’s day.

Autumn Time (September, October)

Fall is magical in Amsterdam. You will sublime by the best weather, the golden leaves and the fresh energy. One can get a chance to roam in one of the leafiest cities of the world. You can have the best sightseeing at the canals and parks. The orange and red colored trees, the golden carpet of leaves and the delirious breeze makes your trip fantabulous. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella and a light jacket with you. You can feel the change in temperature in October.

You can enjoy the best beer at Rooie Neils bar with the famous Amsterdam folk singers. Be ready with your Halloween costume if you planning your trip in autumn. You can also be a part of All-night horror movie Marathon. Don’t miss the canal cruising. Make sure that you book your tickets for the cruise online.

So, the best time to visit Amsterdam is spring and summer months. You can also find your best time based on the weather and the things to do. You can take a walk to remember along the canals. This is one of the best things to do here in summer. If you are a passionate rider, this is an ideal time to visit the city. You can collect a number of awesome pictures for your frames. Parks, Zoo, Terrace party, events, concerts and many other vibrant festivals will rock your mood. This is indeed a perfect holiday destination anytime year round. Every season offers something better than the other.

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