Beaches have been embraced over the past years. They have become the most significant amusing natural locations the earth offers. Newlyweds pay a lot of money to stay near a beach, holiday fanatics flock to beachside and retirees hit the beach when they take that long break of their life away from the hassle.

Fiji is a home for over 300 Islands. It is a Melanesian country found in the South Pacific known for its palm-lined beaches, rugged landscapes, and coral reefs. Due to these incredible sites, Fiji has become the best holiday destination, the great place to be being the beachside.

Some of the best beaches that Fiji has included:

1. Volivoli Beach

It is an excellent place to take your family, partner, colleague, and friends for them to enjoy and have a good time. Volivoli beach is located close to the Rakiraki village on the northern most tip of the Island. This beach is a spectacular place yet pocket-friendly that one can visit in the world.

Unlike other beaches where swimming might be difficult during low tides, the deeper waters at Volivoli provide great swimming opportunities and snorkeling as well. If you are looking for a beach that you will not just bask under the sun but also get some workouts, then Volivoli beach is the place to be whenever you want to explore the world in a differently.

2. Honeymoon Beach

This is another place that is a must visit if you want to have the best experience. Just as the name suggests, it is a great place to spend your honeymoon away from the crowded towns and cities.

Honeymoon beach is one of the best beaches found on the Fiji country specifically on the Turtle Island. It is a luxurious beach shaped like a crescent and painted with beautiful white sand. The bow is then enclosed by rocky hills making it even more attractive.

Since Turtle Island just contains 14 beaches, it means that it can only hold 14 couples at ago. In case you are looking for a honeymoon gateway, Honeymoon Beach is a perfect destination for you to have a splendid time.

3. Seagrass Bay Beach

This beach is located at the Laucala Island Resort. It is a beautiful beach with white sand making it a hot spot for snorkeling. Seagrass Bay lays on a 3,000 acre Island giving you enough space to be adventurous. This beach is an excellent place to reenergize you yourself and have that quality time you have been dreaming of.

Seagrass bay will captivate you with its natural surroundings. If you are a nature lover, it will give you’re the harmony, modern comfort and remarkable experience that can never get anywhere on this globe. Visit Seagrass bay must be at the top of your list in the next vacation.

4. Natadola Beach

Fiji Island is a place that you should visit anytime you get that break. It possesses some of the beaches that you can never find anywhere around the world. Natadola beach is one of the destination that is popularly known to host visitors from all over.

With its stunning nature and a beautiful place to relax while looking at the beautiful Pacific scenery, Natadola beach will blow your mind. Regular waves and water depth makes this beaches an excellent spot for snorkeling and swimming. This beach is found on the mainland in Fiji called the Viti Levu.

Apart from the sports that you can do, Natadola beach has the only five-star resort on the Island.

5. Namale Beach

Fiji is a country that offers luxurious destinations that are worth visiting. The Islands within also don’t disappoint when it comes to giving the best to its visitors. Vanua Levu Island where Namale beach is located in one such destination that you can visit and not regret.

Not to mentions the quality services that you will get while at the beach. In Namale beach the services are personalized, this means that you get your drinks and other services delivered to you whenever you demand them.

It is a private beach where celebrities and other prominent people love to hang out, due to its seclusion and privacy. You can stay away from the hot sun and enjoy the cool breeze under the coconut palm trees.

6. Liku beach

Liku beach is another destination that you cannot miss to visit. Visiting Liku beach is like visiting a tropical jungle. It is located at the Tokoriki Island bordered by a green background of rainfall and rock cliffs.

From the middle part of the beach, you can access the Tokoriki Island resort which is exclusive for adults, using the rocky staircase. Whether you choose to stay at the beach or move to the resort, be sure that you will relax and have a good time.

It is also a place where you get to have a clear view while the sunsets.

7. Yasawa Island Beaches

They are remotely located beaches but yet so many people from around the world choose to visit and explore the beautiful sceneries. Other Islands have rainforests, Rocky Mountains, and jungles, but Yasawa Island is different as it is covered with grasses that are taller than usual.

Yasawa Beaches are peaceful, and you can have that ocean swimming trip that you need.

8. Matana Beach

If you are looking for a quiet place to rest, Matana beach is the best place to be. It has white sand and gorgeous scenery together with a variety of resort. The beach has palms trees that give you an opportunity to relax away from the scorching sun.

You can also engage in different activities like diving, snorkeling and boat ride while in Matana Beach.

9. Nanuya  lailai Island

It is a private beach famous for its natural setting and clear water. In Nanuya lailai beach you can do sports like kayaking, fish feeding, and diving. Adventure is the key experience on this beach. You can opt to lounge in the beachside among the palm trees, or you can get sporty and have a good time.

10. Horseshoe Bay

This is another incredible beach to enjoy your vacation. In fact, it is listed in the book ‘1, 000 places to see before you Die’. Therefore, this means that it is a beautiful and perfect gateway that you can take your family or your spouse.

It is filled with white sand making it a spectacular place to snorkel. You can also sunbathe as you enjoy the cool breeze as well.

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