Doesn’t the name Costa Rica pain the inevitable picture of you, in a bikini, dancing by the coastline of the Caribbean? Squeezed between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is the obvious beach vacation that no one wants to miss at any cost. The diverse white sand beaches and the sky-blue water of the ocean, Costa Rica is the place that invites you to build the sandcastles of your dream. And amongst the many beaches in Costa Rica, it is quite normal for people to get confused about which beach to visit and which not to. Well, here we have listed the top 10 beaches of Costa Rica that you should visit at any cost. Let us have a look.

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

1. Manuel Antonio

A part of the Manuel Antonio National Park, this beach is one of the most popular beach destinations of Costa Rica. The long shoreline and the clear water of this beach will surely leave you in awe. Also, the coral seascape is perfect if you want to dive in for a little snorkelling. And you might not know, but this beach is home to the endangered species of squirrel monkeys. It is just a 30 minutes’ walk away from the main National Park and it has many trekking trails for adventurous people as well.

2. Tortuguero

This beach in Costa Rica is the home of nature. Just a boat-sailing away from Porto Limon, this beach is famous for the habitat of the little green turtles. The perfect sky-blue water makes this beach a perfect place for sunbathing. Also, this place is famous for hiking, jungle-safaris and many more. Not only that, but you can also visit the nearby Tortuguero National Park as well.

3. Tamarindo

If you are a surfer-lover, Tamarindo is the beach that you should head to. The huge waves of this beach makes this place an unsuitable place for swimming but it makes a great place for learning surfing. From beginners to pro, everyone can surf on this beach. And if you are looking for a beach that has a happening nightlife, Tamarindo is the only place in Costa Rica. And apart from surfing, you can indulge in water sports as well.

4. Samara

Samara of Costa Rica is not really a big beach but the natural beauty of this beach trumps all other big beaches. The diverse marine life, tropical forest and the white sand makes this beach stand out of the crowd. The clear blue water of this beach will surely keep your toes wet for the rest of the times. Also, if you want, you can sail to an island nearby through kayaks. The serenity and calm nature of this beach is something you have never seen anywhere else. Also, you can scuba if you want to discover the world hidden under the sea.

5. Playa Santa Teresa

If you are an adventurous soul and want to visit the most secluded place in Costa Rica, Playa Santa Teresa is the designated beach that you are looking for. This is an isolated beach of Costa Rica and not many people visit this place. The tropical vegetation and white sand of this beach will give you a different vibe than other beaches of Costa Rica. Also, if you are into swimming, this beach might be the best choice for you. The hiking trails of this beach are something to die for.


The beautiful coastline of Montezuma has made this beach famous amongst the tourists. The gentle waves and the diverse hiking trails are the two most attractive features of this beach that keeps all the tourists on the toes. Also, Montezuma is famous for its swimming and diving facility as well. Not only that, but you can also go for a wild drinking game while you are at this beach. The nightlife of this beach is one of the most happening nightlife of the whole Costa Rica. And if you want to have a romantic getaway with your partner in Costa Rica, Montezuma is surely waiting for you in the cold.

7. Playa Flamingo

If you are looking for a white sand beach in Guanacaste region, Playa Flamingo beach is the place that you should seek out. This beach is one of the famous places for witnessing beautiful sunsets and it is also one of the best places if you are planning on having a good swim. Scuba diving, sailing, snorkelling — this beach of Costa Rica offers a diverse range of activities that will keep you busy for the rest of your days. Also, this beach is quite a budget-friendly place for you to have an easy weekend out.

8.Playa Conchal

Located in the North Tamarindo, Playa Conchal is another great destination where you should go with your family for a nice vacation. This beach is not overcrowded and not perfectly secluded as well. Thus, if you want to have a relaxing day, this is the beach you should explore. Also, you can have a nice swim time as well.

9. Playa Hermosa

Located in Guanacaste, Playa Hermosa is another great beach that should not be missed when you are in Costa Rica. This is one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica. The giant waves of these beaches are not only scary, but this attracts many international surfing competitions to be held in here. This grey sandy beach is also a great place to take lazy strolls along the coastline.

10. Playa Dominical

Just a stone throwing distance away from Manuel Antonio National Park, this beach is another great attraction for every surfer. The huge waves and the lovely surrounding make this beach one of the best places where you can just surf and enjoy your company. Also, this beach provides you with a great nightlife as well.

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So, these are the top 10 best beaches that no one should miss when they are in Costa Rica. The beauty and the charm of these beaches are something that amazes every other people who visit these places. Have a happy vacation!

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